Like looked Galaxy S9 iPhone-style X

Samsung could attract much more attention to the Galaxy S9, if it is equipped with a display with a notch at the top. Designer Martin Hajek, known for his conceptual thinking, imagined how could look the new flagship of the Koreans, if they are followers of the General trend, and released its clone of the iPhone X.

According to Hayek, go Samsung to take this step, it not only would have caused a storm of emotions among consumers and IT journalists from around the world, but would a purely rational value. The presence of notches, I’m sure the designer would increase the area of smartphone display relative to the front panel without damage to the identifying sensors.

To implement the project in Hayek’s life for Samsung would not be difficult, because it is the main supplier of OLED matrixes for iPhone X. the Only obstacle could be the need to explain to consumers is the solution. However, Samsung told us why a curved screen is not only cool but also useful.

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