Like on Android to enable click on the back cover of iOS 14

Last month Apple unveiled iOS 14, one of the innovations of which was the mechanism Back Tap. As a result, users can activate certain functions compatible models iPhone by touching the back cover. To understand how it works, it was quite difficult. On the one hand, Apple never claimed touch panel in the back cover, on the other hand, believe that this is possible to implement based on the already existing smartphone sensors, it was quite difficult. Fortunately, to activate this function, anyone can.

Touch on the back cover can help you manage your smartphone

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A developer by the name of Kieron Quinn designed the Tap-Tap, which allows you to control the phone by touching the back cover. Despite the fact that the development is still in the testing phase, so, most likely, will continue to be improved, now it works just implicitly. Looking ahead, I will say that for all the time that I used Tap-Tap, I did not have to Annex a single claim – so clearly and unmistakably perceive my team.

How to enable management on the back cover of the smartphone

  • Download APK file for Tap-Tap this link and install it;
  • Start Tap-Tap-and allow access to special features;

If you do not give permissions to the app, it won’t work

  • Go to the tab Actions and click Add Actions;
  • Select the action that will be performed on the Tapu;

While teams are not as many as I would like, but the major ones are in place

  • Return to the main screen and tab Gates;
  • Select the scenarios where double tap does not work: charging, screen off, phone call.

As Apple did Google a favorby presenting 14 iOS

To activate the command you asked, you don’t even have to leave the app. Let’s say I have this screenshot. I just double knock on the lid with the pad of your index finger, and the screen is a screenshot. So the command worked, you need to hit quite significantly – at least in my case. But, apparently, it depends on the smartphone model and the sensitivity of its sensors. Because of each individual camera sensitivity settings can be different, so just focus on how he perceives the touch.

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To create a screenshot by double tapping the back cover is easier than two keys

Despite the fact that the developer does not explain whether Tap-Tap works on the basis of the accelerometer and the gyroscope, he stressed that for a more accurate recognition use machine learning. Thus the app is able to minimize the number of false positives, but it takes time. So if once installed, the smartphone is triggered too sensitively, activating the team immediately after unlocking, wait for a while – pretty soon he will learn and will make mistakes less often.

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In my opinion, Tap-Tap – is just super-application that is – dare I say it – brings smartphone control to a qualitatively new level. After all, if now the same mechanism of creating screenshots by default activated by pressing two buttons, due to the recognition of taps I can do screen shots with much more ease than before. But this way you can call and voice assistant, and activate the flash, and turn on the camera. I’m afraid to imagine what will happen when the app will arrive in the release.

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