Likely in its second year – Shawty launches Mi 8 RAM 8 GB RAM!

Thought number 8 of lucky numbers in China, what’s with the third day of the second month in the second year a Chinese company, certainly not Shawty let a day like this pass over valued.

So declared Shao from the new version of the second phone in the series its possible XIAomi Mi, we are here talking about a phone XIAomi Mi-8, which Chinese police launched a new version of RAM 8 GB of RAM, and Release Date 8\8\2018 at three o’clock p.m. China time.

Doesn’t the new version of the standard version of the phone only in the memory storage random that got 8 RAM, with hold the phone to the rest of the standard specifications.

Screen long measuring 6.21 inches with the design of the extrusion “notes”, the Processor Snapdragon 845, rear camera Double strictly 12 and 12-megapixel camera on the back, with the large battery capacity of 3400 Milli-amp, the system running Android oreo -expect the arrival of Android P to the phones Shawty soon.

The announcement of the XIAomi Mi 8 RAM 8 GB, on the page Shawty on Chinese Weibo, and explains the Declaration any other information about the new version, but is expected to come with more storage perhaps 128GB, so that the phone contains no microSD card slot .

It is available for sale currently in China at a starting price of 2699 Chinese yuan, about 395$.

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