Likely that Huawei will use the technology of Nokia Pureview phone by P20

Wait for the arrival of the Huawei P20 Pro tomorrow with a camera background of the three, one of which comes precisely 40 maps, which makes us hurry our imagination.

Away from the cameras that support the functions of mobile phones, there was no smart phone in the era of modern cameras 40 maps whether we look for Android or iOS. For behind this era, there are two phones of Nokia they know a camera is similar, the 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 1020, a sensor relatively large makes us wonder again about the way to integrate Huawei camera 40 maps in the body of the light and high up?

yellow is Lumia 1020 – black is the PureView 808

The answer includes For to the center of the R & D team from Huawei, namely “Finland” birthplace of Nokia and its inception, it appears that the Research Center employs many specialists ex in Nokia phones judging from their profiles on the website need if. In addition to recruitment ads from Huawei to join the R & D team to decipher most of it looking for a specialization in the field of “mobile” and”optics”, what refers to raising the age limit to set up the camera in the smart phones.

Anyway, we wait for detection of P20 Pro tomorrow with a camera inspired by PureView technology, and we look forward to comparing the performance of the camera with the phones pixels and iPhone Galaxy.

one of the workers on the development of Nokia’s products in the period between 1983 and 2012 he became director of technology development and head of the research center of Huawei in Finland

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