Lilium reveal air-taxi to bring about a revolution in the development

Revealed Lilium for a prototype model completely new, not claim that it is the first jet aircraft operated in the world and can accommodate five seats, and the company of the taxi industry and the emerging German to be used as air-taxi global demand by 2025, with the aim of bringing about a revolution in the development within the urban areas.

There are a number of emerging companies that are developing taxi of an aircraft, such as AWeber Uber, and Boeing Boeing, but Canada marked a unique design which resembles the aircraft, the flight characteristics of the avenue, which is currently trying to get approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency certificate, and the FAA.

And the plane will be, which developed its European headquarters in Munich, and by 36 engine turbojet electrically installed on the wings, able to travel a distance of up to 300 kilometers per 60 Minutes – which reduces travel times across cities or densely populated areas.

It can fly at up to 300 kilometers per hour, and for a full hour, as it is able to fly independently, but Lilium is planning to put a human pilot on board.

It has the initial form the new Buy Canada cabin, the Oval, and in the presence of five seats for passengers, besides the pilot’s seat, it would be possible for a flyer to provide taxi service for groups or small families, which provides an alternative for road travel.

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Said Remo Gerber Remo Gerber, chief trade officials in Canada: the cost of the service will be comparable to the cost of a taxi ride on the road.

He explained that the transition from John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK in New York to downtown Manhattan, Manhattan would be somewhere between 70 to $ 80, but rather that the journey takes an hour, it takes only six minutes.

Completed aircraft, which take off and land vertically-VTOL, but fly horizontally, its test flight the first unmanned above Germany this month, according to the company technology, the service taxi air would allow users to travel from London to Manchester in less than an hour.

Description Daniel Wiegand, Daniel Wiegand, co-founder and CEO, Lilium, flight pilot, that’s a little late for the deadline, it is a big step toward making development and urban reality

And depends of the aircraft on the prototype seat, which was chosen in 2017, but the demo version of five seats, which are controlled remotely from the ground, undergoing a test flight, that the company’s first successful test of the vehicle.

The company has worked on over twenty months to conduct the first test is successful, and allowed the design of the aircraft, which does not include the tail, or rudders, or propellers, or vector for movement, for the team to focus on the more friendly features for passengers, including panoramic windows and doors.

And large trade officials in Canada about the scheduled formal launch of the aircraft, but said the company is currently in talks with a number of cities to be used commercially, it is believed that they will be used in a number of cities around the world by the year 2025.

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