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Always fail Google in maintaining the confidentiality of its products before the official unveiling, and it is evident in the Pixel version checksum that appeared with the YouTube Ross, the same person who posted the specification of the Pixel 3XL full three weeks prior to the announcement last October.

The report revealed a new reporter about the details of the product line Google for 2019 which will launch Google’s first cheap version of passport, its smart to attract more customers in emerging markets, while we find that the answer to the pixels 3 Basic is available at the price of 3950 real almost, it is expected that sold style the cheapest which will probably be called Pixel 3 Lite, at a price less than the iPhone XR, what is expected to be between 1800 and 2400 SR.

In addition, the plan of Google to launch speakers, new, smart, as likely to be the successor of the Google Home Google Home Mini, as has been noted wearable devices, so our Lord we will see something like H pixels soon.

And the report also for the category “webcam”, according to someone who has direct knowledge of the matter, Google will launch the camera Nest, a new security of the area, and finally will Google for the answer to the pixels represented in the end of the year as expected.

In conclusion, I didn’t remember to report any details about the timing of the disclosure about these products, but certainly we’ll have more information when the developer conference Google in which the company for future services Android parking download, the know, then hints about the organs of the future.

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