Link mg else can sneak in to disable the two applications, Messages and Safari


In the year 2016 has been the discovery of an error in iOS allows hackers to send a text message malicious for users of the iPhone can cause stopped their smart phones for a while. Now it seems that were discovered link to the new harmful can you say the same thing so that clicking on this link will cause a messaging application or browser Safari.

According to a report from website AppleInsider, he says : ” it seems that the site exploits the vulnerability or the process of submitting the non-optimized addresses of pages OpenGraph through the establishment of a relationship of ” Tag ” excessively long. When trying to apply the messages to provide preview of the link, the application hang or not responding – sometimes takes the OS with it. ”

For users who were affected by this, the only way to fix the situation is to delete the conversation that appears in the link. And for those who have strings longer talks they would like to keep it, it will be hard to sort. It also seems that this affects the preview automatic links, which means that this is not about avoiding links mined, this means that not the users will simply hope not to receive such messages from friends.

There isn’t any official response from Apple on this topic, so we’re still not sure about whether Apple is aware of this problem or not, and this in turn means that we don’t know whether the Fix for this problem will come or not.




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