LinkedIn add reaction buttons to its social network similar to Facebook

The company announced the “LinkedIn” Linkedin Friday to add “reactions” Reactions to a social network-oriented business affiliate, as provided by Facebook to its users for more than three years.

She said LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, in a publication on her blog: “people come to LinkedIn every day to discover what’s happening in their communities and professional and talk with each other about topics and ideas related to their work”. She added: “one of the things that we hear regularly from all of you is that you want ways more expressive than “like” to respond to the various publications that you see in your feed”.

In response to those requests, said LinkedIn’s begun to launch a range of reactions to its network, in order to give users more ways to communicate constructively and expeditiously with each other.

Include interactions that are added by LinkedIn, along with the “Like” button the current button to “celebrate” Celebrate, “love” Love, and “insightful” Insightful, and the “inquisitive” Curious.

The company explained in its publication that it can use the button to Celebrate things to accomplish such as getting a new job or a talk at an event, or a button Love to support deep. Can be used button Insightful to the point of great or interesting idea, and while the button is Curious desire to know more, or reply on a controversial subject to change.

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She said LinkedIn’s began to release the buttons thinking new as of Friday and will reach all its users, who number more than 600 million active users per month, over the coming months, so desktop and portable.

It is believed that the adoption of LinkedIn buttons for Apple comes after its success on Facebook, which launched buttons own thinking by the end of February 2016, before some months of Microsoft’s announcement of its acquisition of LinkedIn compared to 26.2 billion USD.

لينكدإن تضيف أزرار التفاعل إلى شبكتها الاجتماعية على غرار فيسبوكLinkedIn add reaction buttons to its social network similar to Facebook

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