Litecoin has increased by 120 percent since mid-December. The reason for the jump?

The fifth capitalization, the cryptocurrency has shown very good results in February — only this month Litecoin has increased by almost 59 percent. It is noteworthy that LTC is seriously surpassed by the profitability of Bitcoin — the one rose by only 17 percent over the same period of time.

Today Litecoin is trading at RUB 49.15 USD. For the past day the coin fell back to 4.3 percent, and the capitalization is fixed in the area of 2.97 billion dollars. From the point of view of fundamental analysis one of the main causes of the recent Pampa cryptocurrency can be considered the announcement of the integration of a confidential transaction in the project.

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Since the establishment of a local minimum in mid-December, the price of Litecoin has demonstrated excellent results in terms of profitability — since that time it has risen at least 120 percent. While none of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in our ranking may not break this record.

The situation in the trades LTC/USD has rapidly changed in favor of the bulls. Now the number of long positions in this trading pair has reached its maximum since November of 2018. Apparently, the sellers can hardly wait for the sharp drain of Litecoin in the near future.

While the trading volume of the cryptocurrency for the first time crossed the mark of one billion dollars in February. At the moment this quantity is reached 1.42 billion dollars. Recall the last time such a high activity traders Litecoin was observed in February 2018. Is not surprising, because February is traditionally considered the best month in terms of profitability for most cryptocurrencies.

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Source: TradingView

Ecosystem project is also kept at a high level over recent years, the number of transactions in LTC did not fall below 20 thousand. Chief analyst, eToro’s Mati Greenspan noted that altain one of the first has broken the key trendline on the big timeframe.


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