Litecoin needs to use all over the world. The opinion of the Creator of the cryptocurrency

Creator of one of the most famous cryptocurrency Litecoin Charlie Lee has been in the air podcast Unchained. He voiced some very interesting predictions about the future of the stock market and also shared his list of important tasks that still need to be addressed to developers of LTC.

The road to the dream

Charlie Lee is a great example of a man who does not lose faith in his work. Your first bitcoins If bought at the price of $ 30. Now this deal seems very lucrative, but then coin had to sink down to the level of two dollars. And even after that dump the future Creator of Litecoin is not lost faith in the huge potential of the industry of cryptocurrency.

According to Charlie, the market conditions are not likely to significantly affect investors. Much more important to keep a cool mind and expect a positive fundamental factors. That is why he did not sell their bitcoins at the beginning of the development of the project.

As Li came to the creation of LTC? The answer is simple, he merely wanted to create a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, but with the rapid generation units and cheaper transactions.

I wanted to do a project which would be the most honest to everyone. People do not want to invest in a coin whose developers have an unfair advantage over normal users.

Litecoin is in the top ten cryptoprocta capitalization, but the task is far from over.

Our main guideline is to make as many places where people can spend their bitcoins and litecoin. My project will be completely successful only when using the LTC can pay off almost everywhere.

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