#live | At the bottom of the Baltic sea found the ship times of Christopher Columbus

Spanish Explorer Christopher Columbus and his aides discovered America in 1492, sailed to its shores on several ships led by the flagship “Santa Maria”. Subsequently this ship like many other vessels of that time, sank and was almost completely eaten by the so-called “ship worms”. It seemed that the wrecks of the days of Columbus, it is impossible to find, however at the bottom of the Baltic sea , one of them was discovered. To the surprise of scientists, it is well preserved.

The Baltic sea bathes several countries, including Sweden, Finland, Poland and Russia. In history, its territory has sunk a huge amount of swimming facilities — for example, in 1564 there was destroyed by Swedish warship “Mars”. Also in the XX century on its bottom were found the remains of the Swedish ship Vasa, which capsized in 1628 due to improper design.


Indications that in the Baltic sea there is another sunken ship was found in 2009. At that time he was seen in the form of small dots on the screen a so-called sonar — large device to search for sunken ships with the help of sound waves. To check whether this point is a sunken ship, succeeded only in 2019, in the course of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2” from Russia to Germany.

The wreck was filmed underwater robot, who was researching the sea bottom, through which we should build the pipeline. Swimming proved to be older than the aforementioned “Mars” and “the Vase” — the researchers believe that it sank during the time of Christopher Columbus, somewhere in the late 1490’s. Despite its age, the ship is perfectly preserved, and in the video you can see his hull, the mast and even some parts of the rigging — rope system used to control the sails.

Reconstruction of ship “Vase”

Secrets of ships

Most likely, the ship survived the cold and a little salty waters of the Baltic sea. The fact that the so-called “ship worms” which destroy the wood of sunken ships, can’t live in cold environments with low salinity. By the way, the above ship is “Vase” is also good survived thanks to the properties of the Baltic sea in 1956, his Board was found near the island of Beckholmen in the centre of Stockholm.

How is the ship was found and to whom it belonged, at the moment nobody knows. Some researchers believe that they are dealing with drowned in 1495 the Danish warship “Gribshunden”. To be honest, believe in it very little historical data say that the Danish ship sank due to a fire, and found the ship there is no damage. Because of their lack of scientists can’t even assume that was the cause of its flooding, but intend to find out through further research.

And while the study is not initiated found in the Baltic sea the ship is called “Okänt Skepp”. Literally this is a Swedish phrase translated as funny as it may sound, as “Unknown ship”.

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