Live demo of the Oppo in a prototype for a distinctive camera the bottom of the screen

Reviewed company Oppo today technology camera the bottom of the screen in the first model phone featuring this technology with the design without extrusion of the upper in the screen frames skinny.

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Revealed the company Oppo in the conference MWC Shanghai, about the technique of its new premium phone with a camera the bottom of the screen, which is a prototype for the characteristic of this technique will reveal where the Chinese giant’s vision of the future design of the camera front in smart phones.

Come technology camera bottom of the screen to form a custom modular cable car, with plates of characteristic with a transparent screen, coupled with the sophisticated algorithm of the software that supports capturing images and processing with the slim design of the phone.

Also due to the reduction of the proportion of light when it passes the screen of the phone, the light that is expressed physically in the cable car up to less than about half, so check the image produced by the camera some colors and details, so support for Oppo camera boards combine the improvements in white balance with the HDR and also the technique of artificial intelligence to support the production of images efficiently and higher quality.

Recall that Oppo has confirmed previously that this technique is still in its early stages at the moment, as the technology is camera the bottom of the screen are still under development at the moment, so we will see the development of this technology during the coming period, with more details from the company Oppo.


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