Live translation through the camera of Google now supports Arabic

I got a translation application of Google on a big update with respect to feature live Turkish run across the camera and installed towards any words written in a language not mastered to translate it live, and now this feature became the support 60 new language from the Arabic language.

Added Google Development great for this feature as it has the highest accuracy of about 85% and more smoothly on the screen, select it to highlight the problems that they encounter this feature that is considered to add an important and faster in translation through the camera of your smartphone.

The most important is the large amount of new language which has become the water support, there are now 60 new language from the Arabic language and other languages less used, bringing the number of languages that can be identified through the camera to the 88 language and its translation into over 100 languages.

If you don’t know what the foreign language written text, can develop Cubase to automatically identify the language that you take your phone camera and translate it automatically to the desired language, such as Arabic.

Unfortunately, this update won’t reach everyone today, but will be released only to the 1% of users so some kind of trade before you provide Google to everyone through the store Google Play in the coming weeks.

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