“Liver on a chip” — the perfect test environment to test CRISPR

The most famous not today editor CRISPR genome have already proved their effectiveness. However, the technology is quite young and requires further study the effects on living organisms. Traditionally CRISPR tested on animals or human cell lines, however, a group of scientists from the University of Arizona proposes to use for these purposes, another promising technology known as “organs on a chip”. In particular the new platform Liverchip.

Organs on chips are small devices with microtubules and human cells. Tubes forming a complex structure and transmit substances, simulating the work of the living body. They are very often used for different tests (mainly for the study of drugs), but to combine on the chip with the editor of the genome, scientists came to mind first.

CRISPR allows researchers quite easy to edit the set of genes in order to achieve the desired result, however, according to one of the study’s authors Samira Kiani it may carry a risk

“It is possible that CRISPR can be a source of unintended consequences in the future. You can face many consequences of such mutations and autoimmune reactions. It is likely that the use of the system will create some “inappropriate” changes in the genome that will affect the entire DNA code. Thus, we may get various side effects of such intervention.”

It is to study the effects of the experts and want to use the organ chips. It is one thing to edit the genome and quite another to know how edited cells will be myself “feel” in the body.

“The ultimate goal is to create a system that can predict the tissue reaction to therapy using CRISPR. In the long term we hope to be able to create safe methods of application of the editor of the genome, allowing them to develop therapies.”

Well, the liver in this case was not chosen by chance, because a huge portion of diseases associated with impaired metabolism of this body and many researchers agree that the liver will be the body which will begin with mass gene therapy in humans.

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