Lobster inspired scientists to create a “superhero” armor

Military, police and security officers daily put their lives at grave risk, so it is important for maximum protection from gunshot wounds. With this at the moment doing great armor, but they have big disadvantage — they are much shackle movement. Moreover, they are made of Kevlar shelf life of not more than 5 years, and often require the individual fit officers are female. Researchers from mit have figured out how to get rid of all these disadvantages, the idea was inspired by the lobster.


Assistant Professor Department of mechanical engineering, Ming Guo, the idea of creating a “superhero” armor came to his mind while eating the lobster. He noticed that the transparent membrane in the belly of the animal is chewed very difficult because of its complex structure. It consists of ten thousand layers, which help to dissipate energy under strong pressure. Perhaps it is because of such protection lobster and survive on the planet for 100 million years.

The researchers came to the conclusion that recreating such a structure, they can create synthetic materials with the best balance of softness and strength. They can lie on the basis of flexible armor, which provides full-body protection without sacrificing mobility of the limbs. The body armor of the future will be a lot of advantages: that alone is worth the increased accuracy and reduced fatigue due to the ease of movement.

New materials that will not be surpassed by industrial strength rubber are used not only in bulletproof vests. They can also be useful in robotics — imagine a robot that is not afraid of falling and other physical injuries. Also it may be that someone will make from the materials of a real superhero costume.

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