Local NPD refers to a change in the life cycle of home consoles in the US market


Witnessed this generation of home consoles, and perhaps for the first time, the issuance of the organs of the home games and improved gear and specs in the middle of the army, and that through all of the Xbox One X Playstation 4 Pro, and it no longer users the technology have to wait to the end of the army to get promoted prominent assets.

Well, this also reflected positively on sales of home appliances, the Sony Home PlayStation fourth Pat smashes record in sales, and also increased the sales of the Xbox One has been prominent for the past year.

According to Mat Piscatella local agency NPD to monitor the sales in the American market, the sales forecast has become harder than ever because of these devices, in addition to increase the experiences of consumers with reductions and offers intensive companies the First party.

Cycle of household appliances differed significantly with the issuance of these devices, and are no longer easy to stop like a clock when it was coordinated sales similar to the previous devices.

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