LocalBitcoins is losing ground. Where else can you buy a crypt for cash?

Platform LocalBitcoins because the Finnish government was forced to introduce a KYC and AML. Subsequently, the service generally forbidden to buy cryptocurrency for cash, arguing that the security requirements. Where else can you buy a crypt in a similar way? Today we will consider four of the service, which began to move former users of LocalBitcoins.

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HodlHodl was one of the first platforms peer-to-peer Bitcoin-exchanger without storage cryptocurrency. She earned in February of 2018. The need for a vault has been eliminated due to the escrow system multipartisme that allows you to weed out fraud.

In fact it is the only platform without AML and KYC, which is also no restrictions on the number and size of transactions. The only drawback (for some) is that the service is not available in the USA due to regulatory restrictions.


Paxful is another P2P exchanger, which equally attracts both supporters and critics of the cryptocurrency. According to most, this is the best alternative to LocalBitcoins with a high quality service. Others swear at the structure interface, and dislike their approach to marketing.

Source: Blockonomi

There’s a wide range of payment methods. However, keep in mind that for some directions of exchange you will need to verify the identity, so the option is unlikely to fit better than LocalBitcoins.

At the moment, the platform also offers the possibility to exchange cryptocurrency for cash, thus trying to attract all the refugees from the platform.


The founders LocalCoinSwap seem very inspired by LocalBitcoins — up to the title and colour scheme. The platform provides the ability to anonymously buy bitcoins and more than twenty other cryptocurrencies around the world using different payment methods.

Source: The Currency Analytics

There are no restrictions on the withdrawal or replenishment. Also not necessary to undergo the process of KYC, so almost no one does.


Bisq is a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanger without storage, which is not necessary to confirm the identity. It differs from the rest in the list at least by the presence of native applications for Windows, Mac and Unix. Also there are apps for iOS and Android.

Source: bisq.network

Under the terms of the privacy policy of the service all data is stored locally, personal and sensitive user data can be passed to trading partners for marketing purposes.

Overall, it seems that options abound and cryptopolitico just do not disappear without LocalBitcoins.

By the way, many did anyway. People just register an account at LocalBitcoins, indicating a different phone number or fake email address. That will be quite enough to exchange a small amount through the usual service.

Of course, if we are talking about major transactions, most buyers and sellers on LocalBitcoins are willing to work only with confirmed accounts. In our cryptodata of hontarov there are still a lot of other useful information.

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