Logitech announces stylus VR Ink Pilot to support drawing in virtual reality

The company announced the Logitech pen VR stylus new applies is entitled VR Ink Pilot which is designed from the company to support a feature painting and sculpture in the technique of virtual reality.

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Move Logitech report of virtual reality to a new level to support more functions in the area of employment, where the company introduced the pen VR Ink Pilot which supports the user in the drawing on the surfaces or painting in the oven or air.

Has reviewed the company Logitech Performance VR Ink Pilot in the video trailer reveals the mechanism of action of pen VR stylus used in drawing 3D CAD in particular design work, such as the design of cars and airplanes for example.

The company called Logitech to start a partnership with the application developers to move by Logitech the performance of the VR Ink Pilot to professional professional, and needs the pen to the custom buttons and controls for drawing on surfaces besides the tools allow a user to control objects in virtual reality.


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