Logitech G502 custom games come designed wireless want more speed

Made Logitech released the new frac Logitech G502 allocated for the games, which feature a design wireless light is characterized by the performance of more speed compared to the previous version.

Logitech G502 wireless Lightspeed gaming mouse

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Revealed company Logitech released the new frac Logitech G502 Custom Games which come improvements and design new wireless, as characterized by frac G502 Lightspeed performance of high-speed, the Logitech that the mouse is faster than traditional versions that rely on contact with wire.

This avoids the often users players mouse that rely on radio contact to avoid poor contact or delayed response in this category of accessories, but Logitech maintains that the FARC G502 Lightspeed will be a source of attraction for users of the players Party representative, also come G502 Lightspeed advantage of wireless charging to destroy the user for the longest time in the games.

Other features in FARA in games G502 Lightspeed

Include the frac feature games sensor optical HERO possible to accurately 16K, which comes sensitivity of the sensor up to 16000 DPI, with the technique to follow when 400 IPS flow performance of the well-proportioned high-speed best Quick also.

Also supports mouse software Logitech G Hub that allows players to customize the lighting colors, as come mouse with 11 buttons removable also for programming and customization according to the user’s favorite.

The design of the frac G502 Lightspeed

Feature frac G502 Lightspeed design, light weight difference of 7 grams for the previous version, it also allows user to customize resistance favorite in the rat through 6 weights allow a user to customize the weight of the mouse to get the greater weight and the balance of the top in the games.

It is estimated that the available frac Logitech G502 custom games priced at $ 150 almost, as provided by Logitech for sale through this month.


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