Look at: device +Channel Master Stream for a digital broadcast via the TV system “Android TV”

نظرة على: جهاز +Channel Master Stream للبث الرقمي عبر التليفزيون بنظام "أندرويد تي في"

Became the the vast majority of users today rely on the broadcast services of different online watching entertainment content on TV sets. In the shadow of the popular tyrant that succeeded video streaming services such as “Netflix”, “Amazon Video” and “YouTube” and many others, access to one of the devices smart TV “Smart TV” or one of the solutions that allow to obtain broadcast services in a seamless manner via the TV screen is vital to many.

In the following lines here, take a look at your Channel Master Stream+ that is running “Android TV”, the recipients of broadcast TV SMARTenna+. And that was my first experience for “Android TV” this is a rapid assessment of the IT system itself.

Exterior design:

The device comes in cylindrical size small and compact, the front and completely free of everything, the background contains a USB 3.0 port, HDMI, Ethernet, and a port to connect a receiver of TV broadcasting, in addition to a place for the crew microSD. The design is simple without the need to draw a lot of attention with the focus mainly on the small size.

Function, operating system:

Offers +Channel Master Stream+ a set of multiple functions from viewing channels that are broadcast on a broadcast wave of terrestrial UHF/VHF, and the possibility to record this broadcast from two different channels at the same time, in addition to the operating system “Android TV” features, full that include broadcast content via services digital broadcasting via get different like “Netflix”, “YouTube” “VUDU”, the “Sling” and many others, as well as transfer content wirelessly from a mobile phone display on the TV screen.

The beginning, you can connect the device to the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi or through Ethernet, and, after completing the process of tuning and the installation of the device and linking it to your accounts on streaming services is different, and the definition of television channels terrestrial open you can directly start watching entertainment content and record it.

Voice search:

Perhaps one of the most prominent features of the device I like is having built-in microphone remote control, the remote, the device can use the remote but the button to activate the search feature and voice commands to the operating system of the device. Through this feature, you can search for a show or a program or a particular movie across all content providers are different, as well as through television channels ground if it supports the feature guide content, just by uttering the name of the content you want to share, whatever the quality. You can also search using voice commands such as “search for movies-the Oscars in 2018” and the device will automatically display a list of those movies with the possibility to display through the content provider who have an account with them or buy the movie or rent it through the line entertainment content different.

The operating system “Android TV”:

Represents the operating system the core of the device, and system “Android TV” has several advantages, but it also carries with it some of the minor problems. As is customary with a system “Android” in each place, come in the introduction to its features of openness and compatibility with a multitude of services and applications, you can Stream+ access to the Application Store “Google” means access to special applications compatible specifically with the use of TV, from hundreds of developers, as well as a long list of electronic games that can be played directly through the TV screen using the remote control device or via the Add Controller special games to the device.

Protects the system also has the option to Google Cast, which allows you to move the image displayed on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet that is running “Android”, as well as what you see across the screen the Chrome browser on your laptop to whatever its operating system to the screen of your TV. Allow the same property is also to control the TV and change channels remotely through the mobile phone.

The main obstacle here lies in the fact that the system “Android” of the integrated system, not just use what makes content browsing and sometimes consume some time compared to one of use very simple that you use some devices to transfer digital content that provide the content of only a limited number of service providers.


Is your Channel Master Stream+ one of the wonderful options available for those looking for a device to broadcast content to digital entertainment via the internet, without the connection operator specific such as Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime Video and others, where operating system stands here at an equal distance from all those operators without visibility of the content of the special operator on the other what gives the user the ultimate freedom of movement between them, as well as the freedom to watch as the tremendous amount of free content available via the player like VUDU and YouTube, and others who focus the device on the what they present of free content. Put the same company as the preferred choice specifically for those users who live in the United States of America who wish to share Arabic content online, in addition to the local content field in America through the participation of terrestrial broadcasting for TV channels, they would mix the device Channel Master Stream+ with the recipients of the television broadcasting SMARTenna+ that provide access to broadcast television pure highly processed with how to pick up a large.

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