Look at: dokiWatch S the first smart watch with a phone built-specially prepared for children

نظرة على: dokiWatch S أول ساعة ذكية بهاتف مدمج معدة خصيصا للأطفالAt first glance it may seem the idea of a smart watch intended for kids strange and useless, but with a more in-depth on the properties of dokiWatch S, and trying to submit it, maybe reconsider this belief entirely, but maybe you tend to think more in that perhaps this concept is what I was looking for since a while.

Was funded the launch of the H dokiWatch S through a successful campaign crowdfunding over the internet, managed by its founding company, which chose to allocate rarely in the technical market, namely technical products for children.

Structure and design: the product is designed for small children

I can’t hide my admiration for the extreme here, including work done by the company in providing products, everything has been prepared carefully to suit the children, and what I’m talking about here is small children in the age between 4 or 5 years to 10 years. I have some of the drawbacks of the simple on the coast, but I’ll delay talking about it to the end, because the company is a unique mission, already in violation of the children’s needs.

Your child can get the former to one of the three colors, blue, pink, or black. I made the former from the Association of wrist of rubber powers to take an hour itself to protect it from shocks, while the body of the former it is reinforced plastic of one of the thick glass which supports multi-touch.

The clock mechanism is simple and easy for all properties, where it is controlled through the touch screen with the presence of only three buttons; the power button, the control button, the button Emergency (SOS) where it says automatically when the pressure at the pressure related to the organization, his both parents in the event of an emergency for the child, which we’ll cover in the next section about the properties of the former.

The integrated world of the properties, the children in its axis

Designed the interface to use for the development of children at an early age where icons are big and the choices large size cheerful colors in the intuitive user interface, without complicated options or long lists.

Download former place card phone, and supports previous data cards only Data SIM which are perform all the functions and properties of the former by, and the company’s previous in some markets, card compact phone with a one-year subscription included in package.

The former offers basic package of properties that focus on child safety, which include a list of contacts that can parents prepared and add family members or friends to us so that the child can call any of them one touch, and make a video call the video with them, as well as the exchange of letters with them which the child can respond the existence of expressive, some of the phrases the teacher in advance that you don’t need the child to write, and some posters of cartoon. The child can exchange voice messages with parents and contacts that they already added to the previous child.

Parents may also at any moment to check on the whereabouts of the child through the application on the phone their own, as they can impose a collar and geographically specific so that it receives the father or mother of the disclaimer on their mobile phone immediately the child leaves the specific area. Parents can also impose specific restrictions on use in school hours for instance.

The property SOS Emergency come through the pressure on the emergency button red color are connected and the clock automatically when you send a message of distress to both parents, in addition to a map showing the whereabouts of the child to facilitate the voice of what is going on around the arena at this time.

The former offers a set of private entertainment for the kids include a range of backgrounds, the Tourism Authority, a front camera and the top of the screen accurately 2 mega pixels to capture Pictures Entertainment, the album page can be moved and images. Include previous Also game entertainment in the form of a cartoon character, a compact child can raise her and care for him through the arena, and finally a simple app to follow the activity and movement and number of steps and the distance made by the child during the day to improve on the exercise.

Conclusion: not a smart ideal, but it is undoubtedly a choice a revolutionary and innovative for children

I can’t hide my profound admiration for the idea and effort made by the company in providing the interface used and range of properties, carefully crafted to suit the needs of the child in age it’s rare to find technology products targeted by. Exchange dokiWatch S alone at the price of 180 USD and is compatible with all phone cards are provided choose the version which supports the region when you purchase from the site, are available in packages with a phone card DataSIM for a year, but this option is currently available only in the United States.

Having said that, I must make clear here that this is not a smart watch traditional that may be ended, and salvation is extremely limited for a specific purpose, as I’d like to see more of the fear recreational opportunities such as games or maybe an app to watch some videos, cartoon, and video calls are still not quite perfect in terms of quality, although the properties of stores and security of voice calls is perfect.

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