Look at everything we know about the Galaxy Note 9

Dedicated Samsung on 9 August for an event revealing the Galaxy Note 9 Khalifa Note 8, and in recent weeks we have become a clear vision about the details of the flagship phone after that reports were conflicting about it at first, so seeing you here is all we know about him.

Design and

It was supposed to arrive Note 9 earlier than the date set by Samsung, according to some rumors, but was told that the Korean giant decided to enjoy the postponement of the launch to cover the emergency on the design will make the phone easier to use with one hand.

However, Note 9 differences, slightly in design compared bnwt 8 are contained within the smaller parties slightly raise the screen size to 6.38 inches instead of 6.32 inches, with the camera in landscape mode fingerprint reader beneath it to insert the battery, large size.

Colors Note 9 are blue, brown, black, purple and gray, is also available to support the resistance to water and dust to standard IP68, and will contain a separate headset like usual.

The screen will be of the super type for famous phones Galaxy accurately 2960×1440 pixels, just like the Note 8.

The camera

As we mentioned, the rear camera will be in landscape mode, to be coupled with the gear of the aperture is variable and the values that made its debut in the phones S9, so as to change the aperture to f/1.5 design for night photography or change to f/2.4 so a tight fit to focus on the depth of the scene.

I didn’t remember the sequence of updates, remember the way the camera compared to S9+, where it is confined to updates to the software to improve en image, isolation and the experience of photography as a whole.

The S Pen

  • The challenge in the application of the music; click the button again to appeal twice to move to the next section.
  • Capture images remotely.
  • Open the lock of the device remotely.
  • Expand the list of apps Air Command, means the availability of more apps with the S Pen, or at least shortcuts to applications.
  • Click and hold on the pen button to open any application or use one of the advantages of the pen.
  • The preparation of the Quick functions that can be performed by clicking once or twice on the pen button.

Hardware and software

Coming Note 9 processor Snapdragon 845 of the United States and some countries in Asia, Exynos 9820 for the world. Will not vary the memory capacity random storage options, where you will come to Noto 9 with 6 gigabytes of RAM with 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes of storage capacity, while you might expect a special version of some markets memory random 8 gigabytes storage capacity of 256 gigabytes.

Also, expect to come Note 9 with the headset AKG in the box, like the Note 8, phones, S9, and supports speaker surround sound technology, Dolby Atmos, battery 4,000 mAh, the given system will be Android 8.1 and assistant bixby will update the 2.0.

Price and markets

According to the publication, leaked Indonesia, Note 9 would be 13.5 million rupees (EGP 3,495 SR/923$) by 128 gigabytes, to rise to 17.5 billion rupees (4,530 SR/1,210$) by 512 gigabytes of address space, as to the date made available to the market, it will be on 24 August.

Summary specification Note 9:

  • Screen Super for 6.38-inch – dimensions 18.5:9 – accuracy 2960×1440 pixels.
  • Processor Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9820
  • RAM 6/8 gigabytes
  • Cache 128/256/512 gigabytes
  • Rear camera Double 12/12 maps languidly variable f/1.5-f/2.4
  • Front camera with 8 maps girl f/1.7
  • Battery 4,000 mAh
  • Android system 8.1 oreo
  • Fingerprint reader: it is located behind the phone
  • 3.5 mm earphones port

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