Look at iOS 12 after the second beta

Launched last week’s Apple iOS 12 beta version of the former which caused a lot of problems quickly withdrawn by the police two days after the sending of the second update to the developers followed the pilot, the general equivalent which carry the number 6. The system according to the supposed to the for download in its final form on September 18 after a month exactly from today. Where got iOS 12 so far

نظرة على iOS 12 بعد الإصدار التجريبي الثامن

In the beginning we learn new in version 7/8 the demo:

◉ More improvements in performance.

◉ Screen welcome to develop new messages based on condition changes in mood.

◉ Screen of this New iPad for the new gestures.

◉ Turn off conversation FaceTime collective. Postpone launch of an unknown maybe iOS 12.1.

◉ Music videos download now image 16×9 for the album.

◉ Change the icon of the application measurement.

◉ Tools the Markup returned the feature to show the size.

◉ Re-smile to activate FaceTime in the app.

Watch quick video for

Another video


Supposed now that the system is almost up for the final, so he started a number of specialists to conduct performance tests of the new system. Apple said that the older devices such as the 5s will notice a clear difference in performance. Watch a video performance test on the iPhone 5s.

We can summarize the tests as follows:

◉ Improved not much in Processor Speed.

◉ Clear improvement in the speed of opening the keyboard and a list of common.

◉ Slow clear in HTML5.

◉ Significant decrease in speed in performance tests, graphics and games.

◉ Mixed performance in different applications (you should note that it is not updated the app to support iOS 12).

◉ Decrease in the speed of apps that have been updated radically, such as the application of the stock exchange which is normal to add a lot of advantages.

◉ General summary of the system improve significantly, and overall performance is better but is the difference big promoted by Apple.

I watched a video test on the iPhone 6

I watched a video test on the iPhone 6s

I watched a video test on the iPhone 7

Provide additional new

By the second version, the advantages of iOS 12 has become operate as efficiently as great as promoted by Apple and especially the feature the time of the screen, which was showing no problems with details of the minutes. But it’s odd that Apple decided to cancel the feature group conversations, said in an official statement that it has postponed its launch indefinitely any us issue with iOS 12 next month. Maybe with iOS 12.1 or 12.2 don’t know.

Final version

Although this has nothing to do with the current version but it will of course be the question… Apple conference might be held in the 11/12 of next month so the issuance of the final version of iOS 12 will be the week after the 18 September in Sha Allah. And the version as we know it works on any device that currently supports iOS 11.

What do you think of the changes in performance to the version of iOS that 12? Do you expect more of a challenge in last month’s report?

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