Look at the Camera, Panasonic Lumix TS7 / FT7 water resistant new

This subject look at the Camera, Panasonic Lumix TS7 / FT7 water resistant new appeared on Engadget.

Lumix TS7/FT7 also known outside the United States on behalf of the Lumix FT7 is a new camera made by Panasonic water resistance, knowing that this is the first high quality Camera Waterproof Panasonic by more than five years.

Despite the increasing growth in the market of action cameras, the camera market waterproof grow is the other greatly and that’s what makes Panasonic is working to regain its position through the issuance of the Lumix TS7 / FT7, it is through them that seeks to provide two features we haven’t seen them before on the cameras are waterproof, so is likely to be is the perfect solution for those who are simply looking for powerful cameras that can be used on beaches and water sports.


  • Work up to a depth of 31 meters (102 feet)
  • Specific electronic viewfinder electronic viewfinder
  • Optical zoom even X4.6 (28-128mm).
  • Sensor: 1\2.3 it is ideal for cameras of this category.
  • The accuracy of 20.4 megapixels

The beginning of the start of water main which consists in the possibility to export under a depth of 31 meters (102 feet), which according to Panasonic they move deeper than any other Camera Waterproof in the market.

In case that you will use on the ground, the Lumix TS7 / FT7 will also be resistant to shocks and falls from a distance of a height of 2 meters (6.6 feet), as they also come resistance to friction even 100kgf, while coming also, like many of the cameras are waterproof and can work under low temperature of -10 degrees Celsius /14 Fahrenheit.

Also comes in the back of the camera screen size 3.0 inches at a resolution of 1,040,000-dot, with a bottle thermal waterproof to withstand the pressure of high water that they can use the camera, but it does not support touch control, but despite this, the Camera Panasonic have something unique about cameras waterproof an electronic viewfinder (EVF).

There is a screen 0.2 inches maybe isn’t big enough. but they offer a useful alternative with the use of the back screen, especially in bright light, as the camera also Wi-Fi connection and measure the height and compass, in addition to the LED lamp built to help shooting in low lighting conditions.

While come in the side of the shooting videos you can shoot videos in 4K up to 30 frames per second, while a 4K Photo of Panasonic to capture a series of still images with 8 megapixels at 30 frames per second, especially for those who want to capture the image precisely 20 mega pixel camera can also shoot at up to 10 frames per second.


  • Larger and heavier than the TS5 / FT5
  • The controls are arranged sensibly.
  • Easy to use with gloves.

The camera comes waterproof new weight 319 grams be the weight of more with 105 grams of old-fashioned as they are a little longer than before, but despite this size, it’s not a problem especially for those interested in the campaign during different sports, she can easily slip in the pocket a little bulky, it is also available in orange, blue, and black.

He also helped this size the biggest in the process of improving the layout of the control with the arrangement of the buttons on the camera are reasonable, which allows using it easily even if wearing gloves or under water, while the photo capture button the big controls on the top of the camera makes it easy to use with or without gloves.

Performance and image quality:

Specific vision very useful with use in bright areas or bright, but for a company background although it is not large relative to the price of the camera it is a point that is not in favor of the company.

Interesting to also talk about the battery life which lasted some time, compared with TS5 / FT5 where has dropped from 370 pictures to 300 pictures, but in the case of the use of the specific vision you will get 250 images only

But when it comes to sound quality, we feel some confusion because of the insistence of the Panasonic use a resolution of 20.4 megapixels on the sensor is small in size 1/2.3 inches, where the Details a bit disappointing when you do zoom.

While one of the disadvantages is also the lack of camera Lumix TS7 / FT7 to support other formats beside JPEG format, especially when the nearest competitor Olympus Tough TG-5 supports the raw format, a feature useful in some circumstances, particularly for flexibility in correcting the white balance in shots taken under the water which can serve cameras sometimes.


Camera suitable option and for use not just on beaches and under water but also in other places, specific vision, the electronic viewfinder is a good addition.

Obviously, the accuracy of the 20.4 MP was not necessary The best was the attention to reduce the noise in the image, as well as the support of the raw format is rather disappointing.


This subject look at the Camera, Panasonic Lumix TS7 / FT7 water resistant new appeared on Engadget.

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