Look at the company’s headquarters Amazon new in the city Seattle which costs $ 4 million

مقر أمازون سياتل

مقر أمازون سياتل

Put the paper to its last few days ago on the headquarters of the company a new Amazon in Seattle, which started working on it seven years ago almost, at a total cost amounted to 4 million USD.

Consists of the new headquarters of the three architectures spherical shape of the glass, height of largest glass ball 28 Meters Width 40 meters, and hosts inside the building with three floors environment, a unique Alliance of the Amazon forest thanks to the presence of more than 40 thousand different species of plants and trees that were brought from various places of the United States of America.

The company is keen to provide a tropical atmosphere to allow their employees to escape from the pressures of work and routine, by the provision of waterfalls and small trees like no other. There are also in the middle of the seat almost a giant tree with a length of 16 meters extending from the entranceway to the ceiling, weighing 16 tons, was transported from a farm in California embraced since 1969, and that tree taken by Bridge staff can walk in to get to the glass that overlooks the street outside.

Will use the glass to enter the natural light all the time, with ventilation ensure fresh air degree of humidity by almost 60%, while maintaining a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, this makes the objects need a few minutes to acclimatize with the tropical atmosphere inside the headquarters of Amazon new able to accommodate 800 employees.

Provided Amazon through the construction of the new headquarters of more than 600 full-time job positions ranging from engineers, designers, in addition to the global construction, who are keen to provide an environment able to accommodate the vast amount of plants, specifically the big tree known as “Ruby’s” the Rubi, which request made to remove the glass ceiling after it was completed, then re-installed from New.

One official said about the project that Jeff pesos Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is keen on laying the slogan “first day” in the mind of everyone, this is to emphasize that everyone needs to prove their capabilities every day they work for the first time, the feeling which allowed for the mass growth in 24 years to reach more than half a million employees around the world, the proceeds exceeded the barrier of $ 180 million USD.

And Amazon to provide the lender with networks Wi-Fi with the provision of a room known as “bird nests” meetings. Also intend to conduct interviews within the article to leave a positive impact at the position with the value proposition and future outlook of the company.

Sound sources: Bloomberg.

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