Look at the laptops decaying Aesir Spin 1 and Spin 3

نظرة على أجهزة الحاسب المحمول المتحولة آيسر Spin 1 وSpin 3

After the disclosure of the laptops Spin 1 and Spin 3 in the last period, subtract the Aesir device in the Saudi market to provide more choices for users. Featuring new hardware that they are running 2-1 intake to enable them to use the form of laptop or tablet, also running Windows 10.

Feature version Spin 1 (style SP111-31) as being suitable for school students within the price starts from 999 Sar, and on the screen of 11.6 inches with IPS technology, next contain processors Intel Pentium or Celeron which can choose between when buying. It also supports hardware smart pen with Windows inkjet E owns the battery can last up to 9 hours according to the company.

The version Spin 3 (style SP314-51) comes with a larger screen, and the measurement of 14-inch IPS display which supports multi-touch and ink to electronic, and contain a battery that can work up to 12 hours continuously according to the company. Besides, they come with the Intel processors of the second generation, which offers stronger performance than the first version. It also comes with headphones headlamps with “see Harmony” developed by the Aesir themselves. Will start the price of this version of 1,999 SAR.

You can get a copy of Spin 1 in Lulu stores Jarir Bookstore, you can get a copy of Spin 3 at Jarir Bookstore, and Lulu, extra, cost, the panda, and hands.

Commented Hani Mohammed, regional director for Acer in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “for over a decade, we continue to provide products that meet the needs of users in Saudi Arabia with latest techniques and highest quality, and today we all know what is new from the family of the Aesir spin decaying, which is the best option for use on inside and outside the home.”

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