Look at the model of the smartphone OnePlus 5G

It seems that every company has decided to launch either a phone, a foldable phone or 5G (or both) in the conference of Mobile World Congress 2019, and between their OnePlus where you may uncover the company (sort of) for a phone OnePlus 5G for the first time.

You may view all of the OnePlus, and Qualcomm – the developer device to the modem connected to the G5 chipset, Snapdragon 855 – the smart phone in secret so as to conceal his design from the public, in other words, you can see the screen of the device, but the characteristics of the smartphone OnePlus 5G is still hidden.

  • Check it out in the gallery below:

To demonstrate the power of the phone and 5 G, allowed OnePlus and Qualcomm attendees of the MWC using a Xbox controller to play games on the screen of the smartphone, however, not install games on the device – instead, being broadcast over the fifth generation to take advantage of periods of low-delay provided by the technology, and as such, the user input on the console to work inside the game on the smartphone screen at the same time almost as if it is connected with a wire.

As I had a OnePlus screen again, the messages left by people at the site of OnePlus 5G small, in the past, has hinted OnePlus phone OnePlus 5G will be the same too in design with OnePlus 6T, however, it is a prototype that we see here, it seems that the design can be completely different.

But I didn’t know OnePlus on price or release date for the device yet, but have hinted that they will be the most expensive of their offerings so far – and that’s why it is likely to increase the price about $ 700 – and put on the market before May 2019.

Now what do you think the device is new? Are you excited for OnePlus 5G smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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