Look at the new features in iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3 آبل

iOS 11.3 آبل

On the non-public, reviewed the Apple in detail the features of the system “iOS 11.3” iOS 11.3 is expected to arrive later in the spring of 2018, i.e. in the period between April and may by large, before the Developers Conference which is usually in June of each year.

The company has expanded to offer a host of new features revealed during the Conference of developers WWDC 2017, which was postponed for technical reasons apparently to ensure that they work optimally on all devices.

Improvements simple

It took Apple in the new system for the naming of the book store in iBooks to become its official designation of the new Books only. It has also become the App Store displays the version number of the update and its size, with a simple modification in the font used and its size also.

In addition to the context, made the Apple TV a new section of the video within the applied music “Apple music” Apple Music, to become participants can watch music videos and most recently in a special section. Company focused on this type of content also within the news application, having to rely on text and images, you can follow the latest news video.

Finally, at the level of simple improvements, made Apple a way to confirm the identity of the user in the “iPhone x” when you install a new application, in older versions it was known the message “double tap confirmation”, which was vague and did not indicate the place of pressure. But in the new version Added illustrations with the sentence, press twice the power button to confirm the identity.

Messages, iMessage and emoticons interactive

I got the messages application on the lion’s share in the new version that the company introduced for the first time the possibility of synchronization messages to the user with his account of the cloud on the “iCloud” iCloud, so that all messages for all devices permanently. In the case of the machine stops working, or use a new device like, would be the log messages available in full when the Sync Cloud, to ensure that user access to all data without decrease.

The property is most important they provide “talks to companies” Business Chat, a feature that will start the tested with a group of big companies, like Hilton for example, provided under the instrument for immediate download between the company and the client without the need to change the app or login to the company website, All from within the Messaging app itself.

Users of the “iPhone x” will turn on the smilies new interactive “name” Animoji four new characters are the dragon, skull, and the lion, the bear, to become a total meal, which can be moved 16.

Battery and augmented reality

As previously promised, will provide Apple TV in iOS 11.3 tool to know the status of the battery The number of charging cycles undertaken by the since the use of the device for the first time. It will also work for the user in if the problems can go into the system to perform the machine via a slow processor. This option can be disabled manually, to device works the same performance regardless of the possibility of a sudden stop working.

The package ARKit 1.5, they are coming to support the vertical surfaces like doors and walls, adding to existing signs in the streets, with improved support for horizontal surfaces alot and Chairs, to become a recognize objects better and more accurately.

Newspapers and broadcast content

Entered into the Apple TV in iOS 11.3 to integrate the health app with some medical bodies and hospitals, to give the application full details of the user record medical. How can those actors alert the user and share the results of trying it cash his that he made, to turn the application for the activity of integrated medical. The company confirmed that all medical records will be password protected and no one can see it except the user himself.

The broadcast content, using the technology AirPlay, it will improve quite dramatically with the arrival of the second generation in the new version, which generation offers the possibility of playing music from a smart device and broadcast it on more than one device at the same time, devices that support the technology AirPlay. The same applies to stream movies or videos from devices to the user’s smartphone and its operating systems running Apple, the company has also sought in this generation to speed up the broadcast as much as possible without compromising in quality.

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