Look at the possibilities and characteristics of the router HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro from Huawei and the method of setting

The company launched the Huawei router Wi-Fi Q2 Pro, which is designed to create better coverage of the network Wi-Fi the house to provide fast data transfer at high speeds.

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Supports router provided Gigabit Power Cat from Huawei Technology PLC Turbo innovative which enhance the speed of the wireless connection and expands the range at a speed of 200 Mbps. Moreover, it improves the design of the router of the level of non-interference in Networks PLC wireless, and thus achieves a higher speed in data transfer and minimum delays of time. As this would support the spread of modern techniques for wireless networks on a large scale, including trafficking in broadband at a speed of 200 Mbps via fiber optics faster.

Technique is applied to the wireless communication network Huawei network 5 GHz bands and connections G. hn Gigabit with partner Huawei support for PLC Turbo between the routers to get download transfer rates view up to 1867 Mbps with a network hybrid.

And in the matter of cover the area comprehensively, was considered the topic previously on tonics Wireless which is heavily diluted on the issue of internet speeds. But with Wi-Fi Mesh, supports router range of innovative technology and heterogeneous, this in addition to it can automatically switch between the scope of the Wi-Fi better and an internet connection with a connection only once.

Once you connect the satellite will synchronize the name of the Wi-Fi password rule, and will not need any configuration.

I designed router Wi-Fi Q2 Pro to be mounted in spaces where the user of the weak signal your wireless network in the home, it provides full coverage and all the rooms of the house even if the house was a large, multi-floors. Moreover, enjoy router benefits of automatic check for one of my domain contact, the possibility of seamless roaming, and the ability to choose a communication channel optimized automatically.

As regards the narrator and clean environment with free Wi-Fi, changing daily and automatically Channel free Wi-Fi in real time to avoid interference, and it can also remember your habits in browsing the internet. Reduces router also the problem of interference in the network signal, depends on the partner modem Gigabit PLC and PLC Turbo to tell the level of the noise signal to a minimum improves the quality of communication between the routers primary and secondary compared to the past, and thus achieve transfer speeds much higher, times, less delay by a considerable amount.

Supports router the next generation of network protocols IPv6, where the IPv6 protocol is support for unlimited IP addresses randomly to devices related to the collection of prefixes of Internet Protocol, addresses generated by the company’s servers to provide internet service.

Consists of the narrator of three pieces, the price 999 SAR. Once you open the box, you’ll find the essential pieces which will connect directly with the modem through the network port. After that, you will have to connect the device to the electrolyte in order to function.

After that, you’ll find the red light flashing, this means it has not yet been prepared. Here it is, you will have to download the application of AI Life of Huawei on your mobile phone, and then you will add the device to get it set up is fast and easy through the app. Once set up, you’ll get the lighting to blue.

When you’re done, will require you to take out the second piece is arranged in the area not far nor close to the basic pieces, and then you’re going to put her with ease, even moving the lighting to the color blue. The same thing you do with the second piece.

In this way, you won’t encounter any difficulty with the installation and setup of router Wi-Fi Q2 Pro.

Link to buy HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro: Of Here.

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