Look at the rapid development of Deepfakes February videos

Technical Deepfakes February videos, allows to edit your videos to look like, say or do something without that you do this already, and, in reality, the spread is very large in the recent period, which is worrying.

In the year 2019, popping videos fake, the chairperson of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, and chief executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the characters ‘Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow, in addition to the replacement having some celebrity pictures porn, while the warnings about this technology starting in 2017, but it has now become a real nightmare, because some of the most influential people in the world and the appreciation, have become targets.

Here’s a look at the rapid development of Deepfakes faking videos

Originated the term Deepfake from the user Reddit claims that he developed machine learning algorithm that helped him to convert the presence of the celebrity to videos pornographic, and spread videos fake are especially large and its use began manipulating clips, celebrities and dignitaries around the world, where I used initially the tools of machine learning open source like TensorFlow provided by Google for free to researchers and postgraduate students and anyone with an interest in the technology of machine learning.

The process of faking the videos can take just a few hours, and Deepfakes have the ability to modify facial expressions, modify the floor and the sound is bigger and more sophisticated than the tools that have emerged over the past years, which was allowing only modify the face are generally unlike Deepfakes that uses artificial intelligence, and trained to of hours of videos to learn the movements of the mouth and head to get the precise match.

Concern about the potential uses for the wider

Raised video clips fake concerned about the use of potential future development and ethics, and it is most worrying is the possibility of blackmail, and the application of this technique to those in power, through the adjustment of their words, and posting videos to the content of what they say already, which may cause a lot of problems.

In 2017 also, months before the appearance of the video clips porn fake, the team of researchers at the University of Washington video clip of a previous US President Barack Obama speaks to things you didn’t say never, by faking clip video by tech. At that time, the risks surrounding the spread of false information clear.

Launch the application to create videos fake Deepfakes to the general public

In January of 2018, the application FakeApp is the application of the famous on the desktop to create video clips fake Deepfakes available for download to the general public, where he developed the application by one of the users of the platform Reddit user framework TensorFlow of Google, which is the same tool that is used by another user in Reddit at the beginning of the emergence of this technique.

This app helped in the spread of videos fake, and those who they used, they involved their own creations on social networking sites, the majority of which was a pornographic material, in addition to the videos, a lighter weight, the central problems of cinematic and representatives, which led to the Prohibition of these fake posting on some social media sites, where companies use artificial intelligence to detect these videos and delete them before they spread.

Create a video of Barack Obama saying words I didn’t say it never actually

In April 2018, published BuzzFeed video looks real and is scary it’s fake, using technology Deepfakes previous US President Barack Obama says the words I Never Say Never, where the video was created by the application FakeApp through 56 hours, through the compilation of previous videos of Obama and train the artificial intelligence to reach as a result of realistic significantly, although the work wasn’t very accurate if you concentrate, but at first glance it seems like Obama who says this dog already.

However, this step was a warning about the potential dangerous for this technique.

In the past year, many of the video clips that have been manipulated by politicians and other dignitaries, where he highlighted the dangers of this technique, and forced large platforms to take position of them.

Not published BuzzFeed video clip disturbing and exciting to Barack Obama, I began to many of the other production of similar videos have been manipulated subjects in the bazaar and in time, to deceive millions of people around the world.

Although most of the videos look realistic, but that some of produced by a software normal editing instead of using the technology of artificial intelligence, which form an increasing concern about the ease of manipulation of videos now, and the leadership of technology companies, especially social networks to take a stand on what to do with such content.

In July 2018, I watched more than a million people a video clip has been modified to meet to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez making it look like they can’t answer many questions

In July 2018, appeared a video clip has been modified to meet with the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was watching him even now more than 4 million times. Where faking corresponding to the original and read another, which makes the host can’t answer some of the questions put to it, looks quite bad, ass people video a lot of criticism, while they are not aware that the video is fake and not real.

In May 2019, a video appeared on the chairperson of the US House of Representatives and it looks like she was drunk

In May of 2019, the video appeared on the chairperson of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi in Facebook and Twitter. Was slow down the video to make it appear as if it was already slowly becoming a drunk, which led to question the mental status III.

The video, although it is not accurate, one of the most operations manipulate the video targeted a government official, prominent, attracting more than two million views and tricked many of the viewers clearly. Despite the fact that the video was fake, but the network of Facebook social refused to publicly remove it.

Video clip fake Mark Zuckerberg, and his company refused to remove it!

Shortly after the video of the chairperson of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a video appeared fake, the last Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, looks like he says he controls the data of the people, and all their secrets and their lives and their future, and your present and future.

Despite claims to delete the video, but Facebook also refused to remove it, although that poses harm to her, she will deal with this content in the same way that it deals with all the wrong information on their networks, the social, the mark indicating that the video is false, to his appearance in the homepage and the sections of the recommendations to the users.

Apology to Jon Snow

Despite the serious nature of the training videos lately, but that these practices are on the rise, with the advent of HD video for the film, Jon Snow, and his apology for the last season of ‘Game Of Thrones’, a clip shows increasing attention to technology and manipulation of videos.

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