Look at the real Grand that move the future of the industry technology in the world

At first glance, look like technology companies large famous, the likes of “Microsoft” and”Apple” and”Google”, like it is the major force controlling the future trends of technical development around the world. Although this already is part of the truth, but it’s on the ground moving the other forces in the future of the technology industry and future directions, perhaps to a greater degree than do companies in the “Silicon Valley” that sale.

Talking the future of technology is not the building of the enormous achieved by the product in the market today, but the bits and revolutionary ideas that we don’t know about much in our present. Those expectations of the revolutionary, innovative ideas – which often works on developing companies of small size may have not heard of it before – is that future products that achieve millions, even billions, of dollars of sales around the world.

Possess the the vast majority of large companies monthly special units to research and develop products, namely units to develop products of the future accept users on their purchase and make our daily life more ease and efficiency. But there is another way to work through the technical market to find innovative solutions and new products is through the deals of acquisition through which the company adopts the major, possesses the element of funding, ideas and promising companies due to small.

If you haven’t heard of before with the “SoftBank – SoftBank” Japan lost the fat you already have big arms that move the technology market in the world. The operation of the company “SoftBank” Japan number of mobile phone networks and service provider of broadband internet in Japan, but this in fact is the least important part in its work. The company depends on their earnings from the field of communications in secured loans immense size of the major banks, the company uses those loans in the financing of the deals possess a enormous make it one of the largest gatekeepers to the future of technology in the world.

Owns the company “SoftBank” companies of the biggest companies that operate in the field of research and development in the area of technical artificial intelligence around the world, among them the company “Boston dynamics Boston Dynamics” that operate on the development of the Android remotes for the US Army, and holds a stake of 30% of the site “Alibaba – Alibaba famous”, and share a 15% stake in the company, “uber”, in addition to classes in different proportions in hundreds of firms large technical and emerging both between the companies “NVIDIA – Nvidia” and”Yahoo”.

Allocated to the company “SoftBank” in the last year alone funding offers this for $ 125. million USD to acquire companies in emerging technologies and investment in the field of robotics and the future of electronics and technology.

Not “SoftBank” is the strong-arm only control by technical capacity in the Asian continent, it has aroused the “Broadcom – Broadcom” Singapore big storm of speculation by trying to take over “Qualcomm – Qualcomm” of America, the company largest ever around the world in the field of silicon intended for smartphones with a market share of 42% – in a deal valued at more than $ 110 million dollars.

While still that page waiting for approval from the U.S. government, which is afraid to lead page to control Asian Chinese on this sector in addition to concerns about competition with the “Intel” of America, they only refer to the sheer size of the financing that companies now a far cry from the “Silicon Valley” put it in order to control the technical market.

While American companies try to maintain their role in the future of this vital sector, it seems that the European continent has lost a lot of that role after being possessed companies, major Japanese and Chinese, a lot of European startups in the areas of artificial intelligence and virtual reality which are the most promising areas of most importance in this sector in the near future.


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