Look at the statistics of the spam calls in the world, it is impressive

Кукишев Дмитрий

Did you know that in some countries in recent years, spam calls is a very big problem?

Personally, I such information across somewhere from six months ago, but normal statistics, then, is not found. And today the company Truecaller has kindly shared some interesting figures.

It turns out that this year the number of phone spam has increased by 300%, i.e. four times. A specific definition of spam calls source makes, but judging by the information that is in the press release, they are any calls where you offer services of some kind, somewhere, lure and so on. Simply put, if you call your cable provider and offered a new tariff, or something else is spam.

So, the leader in spam calls in 2018 was Brazil, and the country has risen to first place from third, and the average number of calls per month per person rose from 20.7 to 37.5! Also in the lead, if I may say so, India and Chile.

As you can see in the diagram, the average people of the countries that ranked in the top in a month and get 10-20 more spam calls. Such statistics in Ukraine is not, but we seem to be the situation significantly better.

And now the question: who is the most spam? It turned out that the mobile operators. Also annoying calls sin, insurance, banks, collectors and telemarketing services.

And we must understand that all this is only statistics app Truecaller, the reality may be even worse. Only Truecaller for 2018 in the world blocked 17.7 billion spam calls! In General, I hope, to us, these trends will not reach.

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