Look closely in the middle of the giant Chinese Shao my

نظرة عن كثب في منتجات العملاق الصيني شاومي

Several years ago wasn’t the A lot of users around the world they hear about Shao China, where the company was mainly focus on market of Southeast Asia and some other countries such as India and Brazil, not their products have made their way to the world market.

With the proliferation of phones Shawty Smart has become the brand Xiaomi product in all over the world, and contributed to the spread of the name of the company is to open new markets around the world including the Middle East and Europe, in addition to a reasonable price for their products compared to the competition.

The beginning of the company

In April 2010 the businessman Lei Jun Lei Jun and six partners founded the company Shao, among the partners and businessmen from major companies including Google, Motorola, and financing of the company by investment groups within China and beyond.

In August 2010 the company issued the first system to the identity position, which depends on the Android system but it’s quite similar to the iOS system known as MIUI, and in the following year was the launch of the first smartphone of the company on behalf of MI 1, and then followed by a phone MI 2 that has had great success selling million devices during the first months.

With the availability of years the company has expanded dramatically to become its headquarters in Singapore, which is the first headquarters of the company outside the borders of China, and achieved great success made it become the largest manufacturer of smartphones in China, and did not write my company making only smartphones, but also to the manufacture of many diverse products.

Access to success

Because of its attention strictly detail and design in their products have become Shao one of the Giants of technology, currently ranked fourth in the list of the largest manufacturers of smart phones, a growth rate of 48.8% on the previous year, but what made the company Shawty planning this giant step they had not completed its tenth after since its formation?

There are several reasons to make the Shao achieved this remarkable success, the most important of which is to provide phones with high specification at much lower prices than their competitors, and interest on the marketing hype of synthetic are clever, innovative, in addition to their interest in the big fans of its brand around the world in several ways to increase their loyalty to the company and its products growing.

The great diversity of the products of the company Shao.

With the great success of the company remarkably open Shawty production lines many next to smart phones, to users great devices might not have been on your mind, and find a company to produce this amount of products in various areas, and police in the middle between beautiful design and reasonable price.

Many people know the company Shao through smart phones only, which you may not know a lot of people that shawty manufactured devices in various aspects of life, depends on them a lot as a favorite for their electronic, where the company became part of the lives of millions of people around the world.

We are now on most of the products produced by the company Shaw, state the amount of diverse products that the company manufactures its users, let’s start with:

  1. Smart phones Mi Phones

هواتف شاومي

It is the main product of the company is to focus on it, and my phones Shawty smart on the operating system MIUI, which combines the flexibility of the Android system and the beauty system iOS, the company is producing its phones in several series as follows:

  • Series Mi
    The main authority of the company which compete the rest of the company, and to issue a new version of this series in a year almost.
  • Series Mi Note
    Series featuring a hobby of their very large screen, in addition to the power specifications of the phone performance of the force.
  • Series Mi Max
    This series combines between a phone and tablet at the same time, it has a large screen size and battery last for a long time.
  • Series Mi Mix
    A series of phones which are distinguished by their beauty, the screen covers the phone front almost entirely, in addition to the high specification and battery large.
  • Series Redmi
    It is the medium category of phones Shawty, divided to the section of the landfill with screens that don’t exceed 5 inches, and also the landfill note that regarding the screen by 5 inches.
  • Series Pocophone
    A new series of phones Shawty is in the average category, and download Shawty to provide these goods at a low price and high specifications for all users.
  1. Tablet Mi Pad

أجهزة لوحية - شاومي

The device is elegantly designed, especially the fourth edition of this series, as it is running MIUI wonderful, and has a long-lasting battery with a capacity of 8000 Milli amp, the screen of 8 or 10 inches, the internal memory 32 or 64 GB, and it comes in different prices.

  1. Laptop Mi Laptop

حاسب محمول - لابتوب - شاومي

The company manufactures Shawty laptops with high specifications and suit the gaming enthusiast, containing its organs on Intel processors modern, in addition to the Realtek home screen with a strong performance, and a laptop with Screen 12 or 13-inch thin design and stylish.

  1. TV Mi TV

تلفزيون شاومي - Mi TV

Make Shaw one of the finest screens at all, come size large $ 55 or 65 inches, as well as for smart grids with sizes at least, come to the base of the innovative stuck to the TV from the rear, it also features a speakerphone, three-dimensional, are available on some of the screens are curved and all.

  1. Projector laser Mi Laser Projector

جهاز العرض الضوئي بالليزر Mi Laser Projector

Projector laser for projects and presentations in meetings and conferences, does not require your device to a work space it displays the light along the full length up and can be placed near the wall, and supports the zoom picture up to 150 inches high resolution FHD, with a remote control to work.

  1. Android system to focus the Mi Box

نظام أندرويد للتلفاز Mi Box

Device contains system of your Android devices TV Android TV with support for broadcast quality 4K 60fps, it can be tied to the TV by cable or wirelessly, and supports device control via voice commands, and has a USB port to connect the links to external storage.

  1. Headphones Mi Headphone

سماعات الرأس من شاومي - Mi Headphone

Headphones comfortable head characterized by the transfer step to high in the pictures, colors are available shapes and different local rubber in some models, with a microphone to record the sound clarity is high, as there are small sizes of the ear is sleek and sporty.

  1. Wireless speaker Mi Speaker

مكبر الصوت اللاسلكي Mi Speaker

Devices to enlarge the images for home and office to enjoy the music while performing daily tasks different, the available heavens in different sizes and colours, characterized by the transfer step to high in the pictures the battery is suitable for use for a long time.

  1. Mouse wireless Mi Portable Mouse

الفأرة اللاسلكية Mi Portable Mouse

Featuring mouse Shawty lightness and elegance large, in addition to their design, flat that corresponds to the 95 percent of types of different surfaces, supports connect to two computers at the same time, and can communicate with the computer via Bluetooth or via the wireless signal.

  1. The plane piloted Mi Drone

الطائرة المسيرة - شاومي - Mi Drone

Featuring jet Shao by the imaging characteristic such as specify the path to automatic flight, determining a point on the map to move him and many great features, and can shoot quality video up to 4K and moving at a speed of 18 km/hour, and fly for 27 minutes.

  1. Camera adventure Mi Action Camera

كاميرا المغامرات - شاومي - Mi Action Camera

This camera can small in size to adhere to the video in 4K quality, with touch screen size of 2.4 inches, it is also waterproof and can be used during the dive, and the camera capture widescreen images at an angle of 145 degrees, it also supports export in RAW format.

  1. 360-degree camera Mi Sphere Camera

كاميرا 360 درجة Mi Sphere Camera

This camera on the lens cover both of them 180 degrees you take pictures at the same time of the scene, to have the image at an angle of 360 degrees, and enjoy what contraindications to vibration as it is waterproof, it can be not filming 360-degree video accurately FHD 60 frames per second, in addition to support of photography to expose the existence of long and many others.

  1. Stockist power Mi Power Bank

خازن الطاقة Mi Power Bank

It is of the finest devices that you charge phones and technology, and is available in sizes of different capacity and, supports stockist Power Fast Charging technology for phones, it also has a special mode for charging devices light like clockwork smart amplifiers that do not require great strength in shipping.

  1. Surveillance cameras Mi Security Camera

كاميرات المراقبة من شاومي Mi Security Camera

Pick up this camera the picture quality FHD 1080p, covering an angle of 130 degrees or 360 degrees in some models, supports night photography, infrared distance of about 10 meters, and connect over the internet wirelessly so you can share them any time.

  1. Smart wristbands Mi Band

سوار شاومي الذكي Mi Band

Learn the functions of a smart watch manufactured by Shaw, in addition to calculate the number of steps and distance, they can also alert you to notifications that you get to the phone, as well as calculate heart rate and blood pressure, it is also waterproof and its battery for long periods.

  1. Installing game Android Mi Robot Builder

لعبة تركيب الروبوت Mi Robot Builder

A wonderful educational game made up of 978 different pieces can be fitted to make a robot or a plane or a dinosaur, it is suitable for adults and children greater than 10 years, and can control the robot in several methods through the application on the phone, and the game on the battery last for 10 hours.

  1. System virtual reality Mi VR Play

نظارة الواقع الافتراضي Mi VR Play

System a great to share photos and videos, panoramic 360 degrees, as well as virtual reality games on the phones, featuring glasses design comfortable and are compatible with most sizes and possibilities are available for special application it displays the contents of the frosted film videos virtual reality.

  1. Scooter electric Mi Electric Scooter

سكوتر كهربائي Mi Electric Scooter

Electric scooter great can cut 30 km in one charge and quickly learn 18 km/h, the determination of the simple folding you can move it anywhere with ease, and contains lamps front and rear driving night, as well as the brake system of the double front and rear.

  1. Device motion Ninebot Mi Ninebot Mini

جهاز الحركة ناينبوت Mi Ninebot Mini

This device help you with fast motion, and needs the skill of leadership can be learned easily, and can be achieved for a distance of 22 km on one charge, with the possibility of connecting the device to the phone to learn the battery level, mileage and other characteristics.

  1. Router Mi Router

راوتر شاومي Mi Router

The device has 4 antennas to send the signal stronger, supports Fast File Transfer very large up to 5 Mbytes per second, with the acceptance of a large number of devices connected at the same time, can be linked to the account in Shawnee so you can control it from anywhere.

  1. Air Purifier Mi Air Purifier

منقي الهواء Mi Air Purifier

The device purifies the room air of dust, odors undesirable in 10 minutes, so you can breathe fresh air and clean completely, can control the device via your phone to turn it on and off and situation is different, it features energy-saving, his voice low and gas is annoying while working.

  1. Purified water Mi Water Purifier

منقي المياه Mi Water Purifier

A special device for the purification of water with sophisticated and make it perfectly clean as drinking water in the supermarket, and the installation of the device small in size and easily in 5 minutes, with the support of the contact on the phone to find out the performance of the device is instantaneous, and alerts the phone app when it needs the filter to be replaced.

  1. The field of intelligent Mi Body Composition Scale

الميزان الذكي من شاومي Mi Body Composition Scale

Has the field all the processes of measuring the weight of very fine, synchronizes it with the application of Mi Fit on the phone to follow the weight change, as it supports multi-users to measure the weight of each person individually up to 16 people with automatic recognition of persons.

  1. Vacuum cleaner mechanism Mi Robotic Vacuum

المكنسة الكهربائية الآلية Mi Robotic Vacuum

Robot to clean the house with the characteristics of the clever and fascinating, the robot can identify on the map of the region and recorded across many of the sensors, as can be verified from the phone and the cleaning time automatically, the robot can work in cleaning for two and a half hours on a single charge.

  1. Device rice cooker electric Mi Electric Rice Cooker

جهاز طبخ الأرز الكهربائي Mi Electric Rice Cooker

You can use this wonderful device for cooking rice, pasta, and some of the climates of the other, with the system keeping temperature safe to use, and provides over 3000 road-ready nature of rice can be controlled via the application on the phone, in addition to the full temperature, follow-up intraday.

  1. Several smart home Mi Smart Home Kit

عدة البيت الذكي Mi Smart Home Kit

A set of pieces that make use of your home is quite different, and consists of a master piece and a set of sub-blocks are accounts of the movement, doors, windows, electric switches, wireless, and Sector Key to connect to the internet and cutting at the same time, so you can control your home via the internet from anywhere with an app on your phone.

Company Shaw is one of the companies that use the study on its great success during several years only, it is through their diverse products have been able to invade the Chinese market and the Market East Asia and perhaps the world in the future, with the development of artificial intelligence techniques expect a lot of innovations to be provided by the company in the near future.

If you are of people who feel loyalty quickly toward technology companies, had considered of the best companies that continue to give her your loyalty, and you will find everything you need from products in all areas of technology advanced, and Shawnee care too much about quality, design and elegance to all its products.

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