Look to hear Microsoft’s new Surface Earbuds

Microsoft revealed a wireless headset new called Surface Earbuds come in a slightly different design from the headphones the market and the advantages of the task for the users.

I didn’t leave Microsoft, a place you can enter the Smart Device Market at the current time, but decided to access it at its annual conference yesterday, and detects devices and services. As the company announced on her computer tablet Surface Laptop 3, and its light Surface Pro 7, then the mobile device, which combines the previous device tablets the Surface Pro X, after they revealed the device Surface Neo is a dual-screen windows, but they didn’t write it and announced the device Surface Duo Android more like a phone with a dual screen.

Of course, it was among the devices announced yesterday, the headset Surface Earbuds that are compatible with any operating system.

And this headset battery lasts up to 24 hours, according to the company, in addition to the dual microphone array and separate built-in inside.

Also supports the wireless speaker new properties clicking and dragging the touch to the images, change settings and answer calls, and other things.

But the most pass over in this fish away from the sound quality that you offer, is its ability to translate between 60 languages in an instant, what means that they will be the choice of many people especially love to travel to countries where cultures and languages are different.

Provides headset Microsoft Surface Earbuds the ability to profit with Office 365 and in different programs on the device wirelessly, especially when do presentations or explanations.

And speaking of price, they are coming versus a$ 249 during the coming period.



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