Looking at the iPhone the suspect, the police may lose important evidence

With the development of mobile technologies the police a new source of evidence establishing the guilt of suspects — mobile photos, call list and other information. Apple refuses to unblock iPhone to the security services, so the police are forced to find other methods of obtaining access. Are many ways, however, attempts to break the police much less, especially if the iPhone is protected by a face recognition system.

This reminded Moscow-based company Elcomsoft, a software for password recovery. The company’s CEO, Vladimir katalov explained to the edition a Motherboard, that under the protection with the help of Face ID for iPhone unlock is given only 5 attempts.

If the field of view gets Face ID the face of a stranger more than five times, the smartphone starts to ask the password consists of digits. Hack it much more difficult than to bring the criminal to unlock the iPhone by looking at it — requires special equipment like GrayKey, which we described in March.

Therefore, in order not to complicate their work, police officers are advised to contact with smartphones suspects carefully and avoid contact with their faces in sight of the front of the iPhone camera.

Recall that in September this year it was discovered that the system 12 iOS added protection from hardware and software complexes for the iPhone. In particular, Apple has made changes in mode USB Mode Restricted, not allowing you to transfer data through Lightning after a certain time. ElcomSoft research has shown that hack iPhone, you can even with this method of protection.

How lock iPhone do you use? Do you Face ID system reliable? An opinion can be expressed in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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