Looking for the cheapest iPhone in 2020? It costs 15 thousand rubles

Despite the fact that now for many the issue of savings is particularly acute, the desire to acquire the iPhone will not go away. But if one can not afford to purchase a flagship smartphone, even in the current environment, others are looking carefully how to spend less money. By and large, if we are talking about iPhone, options economy not so much, and the most popular is the appeal to the secondary market. Don’t know about you, but I do not accept the purchase of personal devices, so I suggest you another, in my opinion, much less a compromise method.

I think which iPhone to buy and not go broke? Take iPhone 6s

Do I need to buy a new iPhone or you can buy used ones?

If you are looking for a cheap iPhone, I suggest to pay attention to the iPhone 6s. Yes, this is not the newest model, but do not rush to conclusions, because today it can be bought for 15-17 thousand rubles depending on memory size.

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Where to buy cheap iPhone

iPhone 6s cheap today as ever

Yes, most likely to buy an iPhone at a discounted price can only grey retailers because the official usually quite greedy discounts. The maximum that you can Shine in white retail, is the cancellation of accumulated points or a 5% discount for online payment. However, in the case with the iPhone 6s the big retailers made a real attraction of unprecedented generosity, dropping its price by almost a third from that of the end of 2019.

How I got sick. Why I won't buy iPhone SE 2

Buy iPhone 6s at a discount in “M. Video”, “Eldorado”, “MTS”, “MegaFon”, the “Citylink” and many other places. We selected for you the most advantageous offers.

iPhone 6s 16 GB (like new)

  • MegaFon — 14 990 rubles;
  • MTS — 14 990 rubles.

iPhone 6s 32 GB (like new)

  • “Sitilink” — 14 990 rubles;
  • “The messenger” — 15 990 rubles;
  • MegaFon — 16 590 rubles.

iPhone 6s 64GB (as new)

  • “Sitilink” — 15 990 rubles;
  • “Onlinetrade” — 16 990 rubles.

How to get a discount on the iPhone

Optionally, in some of those stores you can get extra discount for online payment. For example, “Svyaznoy” offers to all who will pay for the purchase on the website, a discount of 3%, and MTS — 5%. The result will be even cheaper than indicated in the proposed table above. About bonus points, which can be attributed to other retailers, I’m not talking. In the end, to get them, as a rule, you need to make another purchase, and this is not the case – after all, we save.

Is it worth to buy iPhone like a new one

the iPhone 6s is not new, but still nice and, most importantly, inexpensive

Surely you noticed that the article mentions only the models marked “like new”, which is also called restored. Many people avoid them, believing that the devices that visited someone used and now being sold again, but it is fundamentally wrong.

What is refurbished iPhone

Restored to include smartphones (and other devices) that for some reason went to Apple. They could bring back buyers who were not satisfied with the purchase, they could pass on the program trade-in or return due to a detected marriage. These devices are sent to the factory where they set a new case, new display, new battery, change the damaged components, assign them a new serial number, zero warranty and is packaged in a new box with new accessories.

How dangerous is restored in China iPhoneand how to fix it

The output is really a new smartphone with some components already used in the past. This can be the processor and memory, the bar of RAM or camera. However, before to release such device in the market, they undergo rigorous quality control to exclude the presence of any damage. Frankly, restored gadgets are tested even more thoroughly than new, and therefore likely to stumble into marriage among them below.

How to distinguish refurbished iPhone

Do not buy a rebuilt smartphones anywhere and always check them. It’s easy

But where, in this case, any negative image of refurbished devices? His appearance contributed to the Chinese that were repaired on the knee damaged iPhone, and then called them restored and sold again. Then this practice spread to the Russian masters, who were engaged in the same. But, moreover, that they used counterfeit parts, as access to license them and there was not, so they also sell them without the warranty since you do not have rights to reset it.

To distinguish officially restored iPhone from the device, past the artisanal procedure of recovery is very simple:

  • Large trade networks like “M. Video”, “Eldorado”, “Svyaznoy etc. do not sell handicraft restored the iPhone, so buy vehicles marked “as new” only there;
  • Officially restored iPhone is Packed in a white box, on which is engraved only the name of the smartphone without any paint, and under it the inscription “Certified Pre-owned;
  • Restored iPhone regardless of the model begins with the letter F (you can see in “Settings” — “About device”) or on the back side of the package which comes the smartphone;
  • Check the warranty on your iPhone on the official Apple website – for this you need to type in the string device’s serial number (you can see in “Settings” — “About device”). From handicraft refurbished devices warranty probably already expired, and the official takes effect from the moment when you personally activate them.

Why restored iPhone better new Xiaomi?

Is it worth buying iPhone 6s in 2020? I think worth it, especially at this price, as is proposed now. Even if Apple won’t release it for iOS 14, almost certainly she will not leave him without support in case of detection of any bugs or vulnerabilities. Remember iOS 12, which in the period from last autumn until now, has updated at least five times, proving that kind to its products and customers.

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