Looks and works like the App Store on watchOS 6

One of the major innovations watchOS 6 – the establishment of its own App store. Brand software catalog is now available right on your wrist – and to view and download the applications now it is not necessary to use iPhone. Of course, the Apple Watch is still not entirely independent and stand-alone device, but the company is confident steps moving in this direction.

Installing applications on the Apple Watch

Previously, to install applications, users had to use the program-companion “Apple Watch” on your iPhone. All actions — including viewing, downloading, or software updates happen using this utility. Fortunately, all this is now in the past.

App Store on watch OS 6 looks to be fairly minimal. In fact, there is nothing superfluous. At the same time, there are no restrictions here — you can search for applications, install and update them.

At startup, we are greeted by banners and collections applications. Something like we saw in iOS and macOS.

Find the application very easy — just need to use search. There are two ways of input:

  • Function Scribble (ink);
  • Voice input.

On the applications tab, we can see screenshots, description and even reviews about it. If necessary, the application can be downloaded. You’ll have to enter the password — using the Scribble or keyboard iPhone.

In the App Store for watchOS 6 also provides a mechanism for updates. Current updates can be found in the tab “Profile” at the bottom of the page. Here you can see the all purchased applications.

By itself, the App Store interface looks very familiar, and understand it will not be difficult even for a beginner.

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