Looks like desktop version of Android Q

Desktop mode is probably the most ignored feature in Android Q, because honestly, its not so easy to detect from the point of view of the ordinary user. However, the interesting thing here is not the fact of its existence, and the fact that he confirms Google plans to expand Android to a full-fledged desktop computers.

The company is already campaigning for developers to port their applications for the appropriate permissions. Everything else, if we remember that even the desktop version of Android is still Android, to which we are accustomed, it becomes clear that it is possible to fully customize. This, in fact, engaged in one developer, adding in a familiar system with some interesting features.

Looks like desktop mode Android Q

Now custom launcher is still in the early stages of development, but in the video below you can already see evidence of his existence and how it works. The project developer Daniel Blandford (Blandford Daniel) mentions that Google provides the majority of the APIs and services needed to create your own version of the launcher desktop version of Android Q.

However, during the development found some nasty bugs. For example, if you right click the mouse and open the context menu, will fail the currently running application.

Can the desktop mode Android Q replace large OS

Like many, this desktop launcher do have all the main advantages of the “big” OSes such as Windows of arbitrary shape that can be moved over the entire area of the desktop, support for mouse and keyboard, and other familiar to us.

However, there are also some limitations of the API. For example, there is no possibility to display icons of running applications on the taskbar. In addition, you cannot turn off the phone screen, as the desktop will start the screensaver. In connection with these inconveniences the developer. stated that he is not interested in the release of your project until you eliminate all errors, but now expects to launch the stable release will happen around the same time as the release of the final Android build Q.

When will the desktop version of Android Q

This app is exclusively designed to complement the desktop mode Android Q, but the developers of conventional launchers can also integrate the necessary APIs from Google to add support for the desktop mode in your application. Then you can run the desktop, and in your favorite launcher. Keep in mind that Android Q, and its desktop mode are now in the beta stage, a stable release is expected sometime in the third quarter of this year.

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