Looks like full-screen with Android Galaxy J6 Oreo?

Galaxy J

In the Network appeared renderings allegedly show how will look like the Samsung Galaxy J6. It is possible that the device will show to the wider public before the end of may this year. Non-flagship mobile device, not yet making his debut, managed to please with trendy design and operating system Android Oreo, under which he probably will work out of the box.

Galaxy J6

Samsung has invited media to a presentation of a new product, which will be held in India on 21 may 2018. It was expected that during this presentation will debut the smartphones in the Galaxy A6, A6+, J4 and J6. Since Galaxy A6 and A6+ has seen the light, now, likely to be the announcement of the models of Galaxy J4 and J6. However, there was no official reports on what devices will be shown. According to the Aksai Kumar (Akshay Kumar) published online 91mobiles.com an illustrated article in the Internet appeared the image, which are considered to be the official press render Galaxy J6.

The image shows a full-screen design is not yet presented smartphone. On the sides of the display frame is almost imperceptible. Frame the top and bottom of the screen is quite thin. It seems that the selfie camera of the considered device will be equipped with a flash and a fingerprint scanner will be placed on the rear panel, below the main camera smart phone.

Earlier in the Network already reported about the probable specifications of the Galaxy J6. Samsung Galaxy J6 will be equipped with 5.6 inch Super AMOLED HD display. Most interestingly, the novelty will work out of the box running the operating system Android Oreo.

Galaxy J6 will be based on the chipset Exynos 7870. Assumed version of the device in different configurations, different RAM (2, 3 or 4 gigabytes) and the capacity of built-in memory (32 or 64 gigabytes).

On the front of the Galaxy J6 will be located 13-megapixel camera, and a selfie-camera of the device will be 8-megapixel. Each of the chambers of the considered smartphone will be equipped with led (LED) flash.

This support 4G LTE smartphone from Samsung, according to rumors, will be equipped with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. It is also expected that the device will be supported for two SIM-cards. It is noted that the most impressive feature of the novelties will be its design, which, as shown in the rendering meets the modern trends.

The estimated price version of Galaxy J6 with 3 GB of RAM will be 210 USD. The expected price of the device version with RAM 4 GB — 240$.

To discuss the design and technical specifications of Galaxy J6 readers can Telegram chat.

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  2. Great and detailed review By the way the FPV is 5 8ghz digital Can you do a range test and battery endurance flight time?Thank you

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