Looks like the night theme in Google Play

Never understood what so many love night theme, and every argument which I have led I have always been a counterargument. Those who claimed that the dark shades reduce eye strain, I replied, my eyes from them watering. Second, who sought in the dark improve the autonomy of their smartphones, I have consistently said that use of the device with a IPS screen and I their savings to the bulb. Third who with foam at a mouth to prove that they are pleasant to perceive white text on a black background, I simply ignored. In the end, what’s the point of arguing with fanatics and try something to prove. However, I with a sinking heart, react to news that in a particular app, which I use, there was a night theme. And suddenly that’s it?

Night theme for Google Play — only in Android 10

Adding to almost all your applications the night theme, Google has started Google Play. It turns out that the night theme in the app store, the search giant became available today, though not all. Apparently, to face her, only users of smartphones running Android 10 and only those who have enabled automatic change themes depending on time of day. In any case, a separate switch either in system menu or in the settings of your Google Play could not be found.

How to enable night theme in Google Play

Night theme in Google Play is not bad, but not ideal

Apparently, the changes required to work night themes occurred on the servers of Google itself, which selectively appoint several users to test the innovation. For this reason, even owners of the same device with the same build of Google Play availability for night themes is not guaranteed. In the end, this is a test version, which at any moment can either be switched off regardless of your desire or start to spread to a wider audience.

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In General, the design of Google Play in dark shades looks absolutely disgusting. However, and pleasant to listen to, I would not have called. Even if the light grey letters on dark grey background and will not make you cry tears of blood, bright icons, kept the former spread coloring, this task is quite cope. Moreover, if you use the directory in the darkness, for what, in fact, created a night theme. You don’t use it during the day? Don’t use? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

Why night theme looks so sick

What needs to change in Google Play

But controls like buttons setup and select the type of reviews of the apps look much worse. Though I am not a designer, but the naked eye can see that the use of black font on a green background initially, it was a disastrous decision, does not improve the overall perception of innovation. This combination creates a complete impression of the letters though scorched and drowning in acid, which is about to disappear and the user will no longer have the ability to understand what would happen if you accidentally press the button. I would like to believe that Google this will have consequences.

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