Low price for iPhone in China and Hong Kong

After poor sales of the new iPhones, the vendors began in Hong Kong a reduction in prices, as happened in China, where he said a report by news agency, Hong Kong, that Apple began to cut prices in the hundreds of dollars of Hong Kong, has dropped the price of the iPhone XS with a capacity of 512 GB by 2050 Hong Kong dollars equivalent to 975 SR almost.

It came after poor sales in the region, where the company decided to cut prices in some states, in China, dropped the price of the new iPhones to the price at which it was before the devaluation of the local currency, the renminbi, as for other countries, shows the Apple mobile price depending on the local currency and not on the basis of the U.S. dollar, which lowers the price significantly.

Recall that this decline in prices already produces positive results in China, where record Tmall, one of the largest electronic stores in China, increased by 76% in sales within two weeks of the price cut, as the record stores Suning also an increase in sales by 80% when they lowered prices last January, after that the promised Apple to reduce the prices of its phones in the states that choose the currency from the US dollar.

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