Low shares of Nintendo because of report of Nvidia of the past!


Announced the Nvidia Corporation on the report of its last quarter profits and revenues slumped section in charge of the chip Tegra 3% compared to the same period last year and 13% compared with the quarter that preceded it. Nvidia mentioned that it did not expect significant sales to chip the Tegra in the last quarter of this year.

This news led to a substantial decline in the shares of the new exceeded 9%, and is the largest decline in the shares of the company two years ago. To be clear, this does not mean and does not indicate that the Switch will not achieve significant sales in the holiday season, because it certainly would do that, but it means that the company Nintendo has a large amount of devices in the stores in preparation for the festive season and that the demand has not been as expected, which means that it does not need to produce a lot of additional hardware.

But it certainly cultivated a lot of doubts about the goal of Nintendo selling 20 million devices by the end of last year, and this uncertainty has led to low stock in this picture probably.

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