Lower phone shipments in China for the first time in 2017

Seen the smart phone market in China first annual reduction in Shipments through 2017, according to new numbers issued today to join the rest of the smartphone market is saturated. According to the data issued by market research firm were not annual smartphone shipments in China have declined by 4 percent year on year to reach 459 million units in 2017, and in particular the numbers have dropped in the fourth quarter by 14 percent compared with last year with 113 million units shipped. Although there is evidence of saturation of the phone market in China, however, sales of the company Huawei has seen a surge in the proportion of its growth with 24 million phones shipped in the last quarter of 2017, an increase of nine percent. The company were not to companies manufacturing smart phones China achieved strong sales in emerging markets in Asia, such as Indonesia and India, despite lower shipments in China. Finally, he contributed to the launch of the phones iPhone X and iPhone 8 In help Apple to occupy the fourth place in China with 13 million shipments in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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