Lumi will help to learn how to play keyboard in the style of Guitar Hero

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The company Roli has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to release the keyboard is a great app for her.

Lumi is a 24 – key keyboard is equipped with backlight which is suitable for a beginner musician, and professional. With it the user gets a companion app through which you can learn how to play keyboard in the style of Guitar Hero.

In contrast to traditional music lessons, where the first thing students are taught the theory and basics with the Lumi process is a lot more exciting. Users get the app with an intuitive interface, so even absolute beginners will be able to practice the “keyboard Guitar Hero”. But it is not necessary to consider the Lumi only as a toy. After a stage of Guitar Hero users displayed greater and more complex levels that include the gamut from left to right, then chords and finally offers a classical stave.

An important advantage Lumi is pretty extensive music library. So you don’t have it to play hundreds of times “chopsticks”, and you can immediately try to perform songs ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. Although the classical works are, of course, present. At first, the Lumi app will be available for several hundreds of tracks, but the company plans in the future for free to expand the library.

What is also interesting – Lumi is a modular keyboard. If you want you can buy another device and easily connect them.

At the same time, the cost new is $249, which is quite high for such a compact keyboard. Journalists The Verge has already tested a prototype of the Lumi, and they have gathered several observations to the early sample. In particular, the issues caused are not the highest quality plastic and the fact that the keys are not always correctly recognize depression. But the company Roli stressed that at this stage they are still improving the device, so in the final version of these nuances can fix.

In General, the Lumi offers a rather interesting and unique experience. If you want to support the project (and has already collected nearly $600 thousand, with the original goal of $125 million), can do so on Kickstarter. The first buyers Lumi will cost about $185.

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