Luna Display turn your iPad to the screen of the secondary computer your Mac

Luna Display

Due to the large size of your iPad Pro, it is not surprising that more people are starting to think about these tablet devices as possible alternatives for laptops. And its size also it’s great to use it as a secondary display, especially if you work out using a laptop computer equipped with MacOS.

The good news is that if you want to use your iPad as a secondary computer to your Mac, there is a device and apply a new named Luna Display that would interest you. The launch of this device at the origin of the project financing platform of the emerging KickStarter where it was successfully funded, and basically this device is a converter associated with your Mac, the software program on your iPad which converts the latter to a secondary display.

According to Astro HQ which oversaw the development of the Luna Display, it I stated : ” applications choose the graphics card your literally, and the image of the non-logical and non-reliable. The program your Mac to change in that has been connecting the screen of the device, while it actually doesn’t get any benefit from graphics acceleration or support Metal of the GPU. Program Luna Display harnesses the energy of the primary graphics card, which gives you read full of graphics acceleration “.

There are several ways to turn your iPad into a secondary display, there are also many applications that allow it a while ago. This means that for 80 USD, there are a lot of alternatives software cheap. However, it remains to be seen whether the Luna Display will be better than this app, but if you’re interested in checking it out, and he moved up to the official website of this supplement on the internet here.


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