Lyft decides to spend $ 100 million to establish more centres for the drivers


Decided to a taxi service on demand Lyft expand its network of centres of drivers has allocated 100 million USD for this purpose. I will provide the new centres of a wide range of services to those who drive on the Lyft platform. They’ll be able to get areas such as change the engine oil at a lower cost, car maintenance, car washing, access to clean bathrooms.

This initiative is the latest by Lyft to reduce costs for their drivers. Since they are independent contractors, they must get all these costs, so will their centres a little new when it comes to additional costs that eat up their profits.

I have a company Lyft already 15 support center open for up to 40 hours per week. The company said Now they will double the work hours in the existing centres to make sure they open at least 70 hours per week. It also plans to create new centres for drivers in the 30 new sites, which will provide many services, including the aforementioned services such as changing engine oil and washing cars at a price ” too low “.

As will drivers who visit these centers for information about filings and tax, car rentals and job. It will be for the centre bathrooms clean, and common areas for coffee and snacks, and the corners of convenient for those who want to take a nap.


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