Lyft will provide the sharing service, bike and scooter through the application of its

Lyft ستوفر خدمة مشاركة الدراجات الهوائية والسكوتر عبر تطبيقها

Seeking transportation companies and the participation of the automobile to expand the circle of work, having started with aweber rental bicycles anda scooter on the application by the official, the company will begin Lyft are other problems of the bike and scooter on their application.

Will the audience get more precise information about the details of transportation via the app, as they will be able to use a bicycle or a scooter to move between the points of transportation and public key. That is, in the case of user access in the car somewhere specific and wanted access to the other as far as the sectors the company will provide the possibility of renting a bicycle to go faster to the Office the other at a low price.

Hopes Lyft through it to help nonprofit organizations and to provide them with information, it also aims to help people with low incomes by providing transportation at a lower cost when renting a bicycle or scooter.

Lyft ستوفر خدمة مشاركة الدراجات الهوائية والسكوتر عبر تطبيقها

The Lyft service will provide the participation of bicycle and scooter cross-applied appeared first on the tech world.

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