Mac App Store, you may get a redesign in the style of iOS 11

Last year, Apple revealed a completely redesigned the App store. As it turned out, the redesign went only benefit, making possible to increase the number of downloads. It is likely that the company will not stop there and will introduce a new app store for macOS.

Since its launch in 2011, the Mac App Store has not gained popularity. Many developers prefer to use a different distribution model applications. The store practically did not develop. All of this played a role in including to the popularity of the macOS platform.

But soon things can change. Based on the messages of John Gruber, browser Daring Fireball, Apple is already working on an updated Mac App Store. Screening can take place at WWDC 2018. Details are still unknown, but it is expected to receive a similar design to that of the App Store in iOS 11. In addition, the app store for macOS will get a team of editors. These changes will have a positive effect on the consumers and the developers. For example, users will be able to discover new and interesting applications, and publishers can effectively promote their product.

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