Mac Mojave available for download and free for everyone

ماك موهافي متاح للتحميل وبشكل مجاني للجميع

Announced the Apple TV in the middle of the current year for the system to run the updated for laptop, has been launched at the time of Mac Mojave “Mojave”. As is general with a copy of the system, it is available to developers in the first edition of the pilot, then after it is available to all users for the final.

The company has launched a new update to its final form to become available to all users and is free, including features like Night Mode, sort files and organize them, store design new software, the method screen shots of the developer, which announced by Apple at the detection system, next to its support for iOS applications.

Everyone can download the update by going to the software stores the Mac and pressing the download icon in order to complete it.

Recall that the system will support many of the hardware; including: hardware MacBook 2015 MacBook 2012, MacBook 2012, MacBook Eyre 2012.

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