Mac OS 10.6 “Snow leopard”: no single innovation…

Press conference opening WWDC 2009 was the most unusual in all 12 years of the new Apple wasn’t involved in it, Steve replaced him with Phil Schiller was somewhat depressed, of two announced her new products, many still consider the best in Apple’s history…

A – that is, people who used these creations of Apple genius, or even use them still. Having tried many alternatives, almost all that has been created over the past ten years, these “many” persist in their opinion.

These two new iPhone 3GS and Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

iPhone OS 3, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, announced that day were wonderful – they also remember with affection (and even use them), but the 3GS and Snow leopard even against this backdrop stand. Today we will talk about Mac OS 10.6, “a pause in the development of” OS X.

This is the second part of the series about Mac OS X/OS X/macOS.

Previous parts:
The first part: the Next “big cat”, WWDC-2006.

The Announcement Of Snow Leopard

New version of the system mentioned Steve jobs opening WWDC 2008. Declaring it a code name (Snow Leopard, in Russian this beast is called Snow leopard), he said that this will be improved Leopard, and innovation for users will not. Then moved on to other topics, inviting participants WWDC to a closed presentation of the new system “after dinner”.

The idea and purpose of the system developed met with applause. The answers to “why” and “why” was obvious.

October 26, 2007 official release of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard turned into a scandal. Those who immediately installed the new version, there were problems. In some configurations (including the most popular) is fatal. Incompatible with the use of the system.

Bug-fix, Mac OS 10.5.1, was released on November 15. Fatal problems have been mostly eliminated. Less fatal, but seriously hindering to live, was addressed only in Mac OS 10.5.2, released 11 February 2008.

The leopard was a great operating system but loud and resonant his appearance on the market has caused serious damage to the reputation of the company. “This must not happen again” – decided the management of the company.

The reasons were objective, were to blame Steve jobs, iPhone, perennial rush… normal people after the release is some time to relax, and to rewrite the most crooked pieces of code written in a semi-conscious state. In the Apple, it seems, it was not.

It was decided “to relax and overwrite” intelligently and carefully, the whole system. More than a thousand projects, of which she was at least thorough.

Closed presentation of the Snow Leopard held Bertrand Serlet, senior Vice President of Mac OS and its software. Lasted for a presentation of an hour and ten minutes. A lot of suspicion for the system with the number of innovations equal to zero…

Presentation Of Snow Leopard

The public Snow Leopard introduced Bertrand Serlet at WWDC 2009. This was supposed to make Steve. But Steve was waiting for a donor liver suitable for him according to the biological parameters, his life was in the balance.

Bertrand Serlet, having lived ten years in an English-speaking country, was not able to get rid of my accent. He never agreed to speak in public, but I had to.

Introducing Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, Apple has announced 150 new. In the Leopard there were already 300, and Steve was required to draw up a list of them and post it on the website. They turned out to be 316. The list is called an innovation in the innovations.

After the announcement of the Leopard wondered how many of them will be in 10.6? Five hundred, a thousand or even more?

Bertrand said the number of innovations (New features). Zero. In fact, they were, but there really was very little. Changes “under the hood” there were thousands in the list like “list 316 of innovations,” many of them could take their rightful place.

From the system removed all the excess and obsolete. Support for PowerPC, old peripherals, and much more.

Finder rewritten from scratch in Cocoa – we (users) dreamed about it since 2001. And then, despite the promise not to change anything, different parts of its interface appeared a small but very useful additions. The slider changes the size of icons in Finder’s Windows, for example.

When you install Snow Leopard on a computer with any of the earlier versions of the system were released from 6 to 7 Gigabytes of disk space.

I have released six and a half. That is, do not lie.

Under Snow Leopard Mac and which he maintained had worked 20 percent faster. The old meme “it’s all the same what to buy a new computer” would be appropriate, but by 2009, it is already so well-worn that this phrase is almost never used.

It was installed… For 40-45 minutes, carefully preserving user settings from the old system, even if in the SL these settings was gone. Without losing data. Problems happen (serious) – but these were isolated cases.

Decreased boot time and shut down the computer. Mac and began to fall asleep faster and Wake up. The demons had ceased to be naughty (I mean Mac ovskih of demons, such as launchd).

According to Bertrand Serlet, the changes affected 90% of the thousand plus projects system. Some of the projects have been rewritten from scratch. Many have undergone deep processing.

Friend the developer of the system talked about the bugs that remained in the system since the NeXT – and was finally identified and resolved.

It is not surprising that Snow Leopard many of us remember a kind word. Wanted to do, like cleaning tradition: every odd-numbered version was innovative, and even came out with a minimum of innovation and cleared of debris. But…

Innovations In Snow Leopard

Was in Snow leopard and significant changes.

AppleTalk (networking technology of the “Apple” of the past) has been deleted and is no longer supported. After installing Snow Leopard in my “adult” iMac computer in 1999 was unavailable. Something you could do – but he is not especially needed, I sent him into retirement.

OpenCL, a technology allowing to use the rapidly growing power of GPUs in computations unrelated to graphics. The technology was created by Apple based on CUDA from NVIDIA, participated in its design adopted by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. For early adoption of technology, was invited by the consortium Khronos Group. Working group (Khronos OpenCL Working Group) in 2009 included several dozen companies.

GCD is a low-level management, assuming the solution of complex and non-trivial problems in this area. Not a panacea, but a very powerful tool. Among other positive properties of GCD was the ability to distribute threads among the available processors (physical and logical cores).

The kernel became 64-bit.

To be continued

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